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  1. d2punkrock4thisw


    So I've been playing through some old FF games, and IX is my favorite one. Normally I don't look through games to find glitches or typos, but in previous FF's they've been pretty noticeable. I thought IX was the exception seeing as I've never found a glitch of typo until just now. In the opening...
  2. d2punkrock4thisw

    Featured on Yahoo!

    Apparently Final Fantasy was a last chance effort to try to avoid bankruptcy? What are you thoughts on the article?
  3. d2punkrock4thisw

    New Game Plus?

    I feel really stupid making an entire thread for a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no, But I was wondering if XIII has a new game + feature? and if it doesn't would you have liked it?
  4. d2punkrock4thisw

    Selling a Nintendo Ds original

    I don't know if this is allowed here, and if it's not please let me know. But I'm auctioning off some of my possessions to make some money for a ps3 and Final Fantasy XIII. I recently got laid off due to my store I work at isn't doing so hot. So I'm gonna have to part with my collections and...
  5. d2punkrock4thisw

    Limited Edition Guide

    Hey guys just letting you know that the Coffee Table Limited Edition guide is available on Amazon for $19.24 US dollars opposed to Game stop, and EB games $34.99. Here is the 45% discounted Guide...