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  1. Roshidon

    FF7: Book of Deconstructions

    Quick question: Does anybody have a english translated version of this book? I'm curious on the developers thought process on how or why they did certain things while creating the game but I can't read Japanese :sad3: Thanks in advance!
  2. Roshidon

    New classes?

    So who here is going to be trying out the new classes? I used to main as a bard until a few months ago when my computer got put out of commission so machinist might be a good route to go for me, but who knows? Anyone looking on trying tanking just for the uber-coolness of being a Dark Knight...
  3. Roshidon

    Solved Default Posting Color

    How do you set up a default posting color?
  4. Roshidon

    Final Fantasy Portal

    If you had to visit one Final Fantasy world which one would it be and why? Mine would probably be FFVIII. Theres just something about a secret agent school for teens that captivates me. Also the world of FFVIII is beautiful.
  5. Roshidon

    Do You Know Your Final Fantasy?

    I found this quiz online I scored a 6/10 = /. Let's see how well you do!
  6. Roshidon

    Cid's Hair Color?

    What is Cid's hair color? I'm playing FFVII at the moment and throughout most of the game in cutscenes he has grey hair, but during battle and cinematics he has blonde hair.