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  1. Fabletear

    Aizen vs. Sephiroth

    My friend and I had a debate on who would win and it was hard for us to chose. Would you mind helping?
  2. Fabletear

    Funny Final Fantasy VII Pics.

    I was surfing the web when I stumbled across some pics of FFVII characters that seemed funny at the moment and decided to share them with you all. Enjoy!
  3. Fabletear

    What if.......

    What if life as we know it (well, not FF fans, but still) came to an end and Summons started roaming the Earth?
  4. Fabletear

    My best. (I think)

  5. Fabletear

    [Rp] Legacy of the Fallen

    In the darkness of a three bedroom house, hides a child. A child who has been cursed since birth. As his father comes closer to him, the child cries over the dead body of his mother. With a cruel, swift movement his father arches the butcher knife down upon him. Logan wakes with a start, sweat...
  6. Fabletear

    [Sign-ups] Legacy of the Fallen.

    Your not being forced to sign up. If this Rp seems interesting to you, then you can sign up and join the Legacy. Here is how the character information should look like: name age race class weapon type/desription character biography If you so wish, you may also add what they look like. Good luck.
  7. Fabletear

    [Rp description] Legacy of the Fallen

    I'm thinking of starting an RP, so if anyones interested in joining, these are the rules and guide lines in which the game will be controlled: Rules: There are only three, so it won't be hard to remember all of them: 1)When in the game, you cannot talk badly about the other members. Means...
  8. Fabletear

    Crisis Core Zack overkilled?

    Do you think that Zack was killed too brutaly at the end of Crisis Core? I just got done with the game this morning, but I think that SE over did it a little. I mean, the whole lot of them and only one of him! come on, I may be exaderating a bit here but I thought it was a bit redicullous! You...
  9. Fabletear

    Poetry Various Poems

    Death's Call The pain shoots through my arm, While my brain screams in alarm. A gash cut deep and wide, Me and my foolish pride. Laughing while enjoying the pain, My red blood falls down like rain. Crimson stains the bathroom floor, Though this pain I can endure. Everything fades as my body...
  10. Fabletear

    Poetry My Aching Pain

    My Aching Pain Trying not to let others see, The rage building up inside me. Under the impression of being alone, I'm afraid I've let to much shown. Standing here alone in the dark, The only proof you've left a mark. Still wondering what could it be, The reson why you left me. Crying in the...
  11. Fabletear

    FFVII Vincent vs. Trigun Vash

    :vincent: This has been bugging me for quiet some time. Please help me find out who would win. I'm going with Vincent.