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  1. Ziggles

    What a loser.

    1-877-375-6990 This loser has been calling me every day at least twice. Only one reason why I suppose- TO GET LAID. Screw with her all you like guys. :) Texting or calling is perfectly fine. just teach her not to call V.I.P.s like me lol Update: It's a company called like LI interstate. Me...
  2. Ziggles

    People Are Stupid

    Exactly that. 99% of the people in the fucking world are idiots. Mods ban me I don't give a fucking shit I'll end up just becoming a troll anyways
  3. Ziggles

    Member Joke Thread!

    Exactly that! post your joke :D it can be a word joke or a word joke. if it has an answer black it out please ;) 3 men were talking in a cafe. One claimed he had the smallest arm in the world. Another claimed he had the smallest head in the world. The third claimed he had the smallest dick in...
  4. Ziggles

    My failing essay.

    Well I just finished my English essay in about 1 hour. .-. I kinda half-assed the whole thing lol. Here it is tell me what you guys think ;) Grant Semmel Mrs. Hageman Period 2 Romeo And Juliet Hasty Actions are a bad thing to commence. You don't think about it and it ends up leading...
  5. Ziggles

    Ultimania's Trading Post

    *Updated!* I'm glad to see people using my trading post! ^_^ If you want something I have, post a reply saying what you want, and I'll get it to you as soon as I can. I'll meet up with you at Ragnaival, around 9 or 10 PM. (Eastern Standard Time) Sales Event!!! (none) Bastard Blade (3500 gil)...
  6. Ziggles

    Ultimania Takes His Leave.

    Hello all. Most of you may know me, (or not) but I'm going to take a break from the FFF. I don't know when I'll be back, but I do know that I will be gone for at least 2 months. I'm sorry, for all of you who know and like me, but I must do this. goodbye, FFF. See ya later! :sad2: I'll miss you...
  7. Ziggles

    Mario Kart Wii

    Does anyone else here play Mario Kart Wii? I've been playing it, and it gets kind of boring... Would anyone on the forum race with me? It seems more fun when you are racing people you know... If you volunteer, I will need your Friend Code at a point in time.
  8. Ziggles

    [FFTA]Blue Mage

    In A2, does anyone know what abilities a Blue Mage can learn? I just started using them. I can't get the moves. I can't even find them! Can anyone help? Please!
  9. Ziggles

    Random Smilies

    Let's put in random smilies. Why? Because we can. ^_^ :p ;) -__- :horsebeat: :horseshit:
  10. Ziggles


    I just got banned because I accidentally clicked on 'Rob The Bank' Instead of the one that lets you give money to other people! Come on! I pretty much just started!!:sad2::'(
  11. Ziggles

    Optional Bosses

    Who was the hardest optional boss you did? Mine was King Tonberry, because I did it at a very high level(89). It took like three hours ad he still killed me with his junk drop attack. I HATE that move.
  12. Ziggles

    Should I?

    I'm getting a PSP soon. This is one of the games I want. Should I get it? I don't know. I have read good and bad reviews. If I am to get it, How much doe it cost?
  13. Ziggles


    What was the hardest scion you've fought? Mine would be Zodiark or Bahamaut. In my opinion, they are both equal in difficulty.
  14. Ziggles

    The Pharos

    Did anyone else have/is having trouble at the Pharos?