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  1. Toshiya

    Falling out of love?

    Sorry guys, this is a loooong post, didn't realise it was going to be an essay till I wrote it! So, I've been with my boyfriend about 2 years now and we've lived together for the past 1. For the most part it's been the best time I've ever had, I've had a really good couple of years, graduating...
  2. Toshiya

    My trip to the Final Fantasy Cafes in Tokyo

    So as a few of you that have me on Facebook/social media will know, I recently made a trip over to Japan. I thought I'd share some of the nerdiness with you :dave: as in Tokyo there are 3 (I think) official Square Enix/Final Fantasy themed cafes about, and we (me and my poor, bewildered...
  3. Toshiya

    Abusive Relationships

    Nice cheery thread title :dave: This is one of only two personal threads I've made on FFF, the other one being which is entirely relevant as it's about the same person. Basically, I was with my ex from...
  4. Toshiya

    Relationships and different religions

    Right, I normally don't write stuff like this on forums at all. But I've been at uni 4 weeks so haven't met anyone close enough to have a massive whine to yet and all my friends from back home are busy with their new lives too. So I'm a bit lonely really Basically for a couple of months I've...
  5. Toshiya

    It's raining so much here

    that there's a goose swimming down the path behind where I live... think the river's burst it's banks this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen, loving living in Yorkshire so far
  6. Toshiya

    Looting spreads to Cornwall

    It's getting pretty bad :mokken:
  7. Toshiya

    The media, and the importance of news stories.

    So over the past couple of days in the UK, the news over here has divided its time to 3 main news stories. - Amy Winehouse found dead in her flat - 92 dead in Norway at the hands of some right-wing extremist - Bullet train accident kills people in China. There's been a lot of uproar (on my...
  8. Toshiya

    UKers - Alternative Voting, yes or no?

    (couldn't find a thread on this, apologies if there already is one) So, in the UK, there's the referendum on whether or not we want AV to come in and replace the first past the post system. I was talking about it with my friends earlier, and with my parents just now, and I wanted to hear your...
  9. Toshiya

    I'm so ashamed

    my desktop background is Zac Efron. I tried so hard but after seeing Charlie St Cloud in the cinema yesterday, I'm completely in love. Kill/help me now :sad3:
  10. Toshiya

    So, I'm off...

    ...on holiday for just over 2 weeks, starting tomorrow :elmo: Back on the 15th of July, I think. You *shouldn't* see me around until then, unless I get really bored and find internet somewhere... but that probably won't happen. I hope it doesn't anyway :8F: I'll miss you all. Of course :mokken:
  11. Toshiya

    Happy birthday Harly!

    About 12 hours late but whatever, it's still his birthday :mokken: Happy birthday Harly :neomon: Have a good one :lew:
  12. Toshiya


    ANDRY :rage: Love through rage <3 :8F:
  13. Toshiya


    Don't ever call me Charabell again :rage:
  14. Toshiya


    You swore in the shoutbox. And my school computer filtered me out :rage: Are you doing work? I'm not :sad3:
  15. Toshiya

    Crisis Core What monsters to steal pheonix downs from?

    Does anybody know what kind of monsters you can steal pheonix downs from? (Don't say Minerva... I'm not there yet) I'm having real problems with a couple of the missions because the monsters keep casting 'death' and I don't seem to be able to avoid it. Also, I don't want to die and respawn...
  16. Toshiya


    Hey, I'm new so I thought I should say hi. I've been into Final Fantasy for about 7 years, and my first FF was IX, which I played when I was 9. Unfortunately, I've only ever played the PS1 and 2 games available, but I hope to get a PSP and *finally* play Crisis Core sometime soon. If I'd...