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    Scrumptious Breasts + Hot Legs

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    This stressful part of my life...

    ... is how I feel about my future after high school. I'm mid-way through my eleventh year, and many people around me seem to have plans for their occupations. I thought here would be a good place to ask this, since it seems the average age of the members on this forum is eighteen and older, and...
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    Solved Write a blog entry?

    I wrote blog entries before, but for some reason my brain is failing me and I can't find the stinkin' button or whatever that will allow me to write a new blog entry? Help, plz? I promise not to forget again. Either that, or I've been magically banned from posting blogs and I just don't know it. :P
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    Can someone render this logo?

    It'd be amazing if someone could make a render of this logo for me. I need it for an art project and it'd be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure how hard it would be :S +Rep as a reward.
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    Passive aggressiveness and sarcasm D':

    So I've got this friend here. And I am fully aware that we need to simmer the hell down, but things keep tipping our 'balance' of being chill and it's just a never-ending argument. We're constantly passive aggressive and sarcastic to each other and it's just back and forth. I admit, sometimes I...
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    Nice lady working at Subway

    gave me a .78 cent discount for no reason, and had a lengthy conversation about sandwiches I should try next time I visit. Highlight of the week. :alone:
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    Signature Request - Xenosaga

    Could someone make me a nice Xenosaga signature? You will get credit and I may wish to use it on another website. You can put my name on it if you like. For the signature: These are the graphics I would like used in the signature. and you may use whatever colour scheme you wish, and much...
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    I need to get off my ass but I don't know what to do.

    Since summer began, I clearly noticed how much time I spend playing videogames. It's not healthy, and I'm getting sick of it. I recognize it. I WANT to do something, at least go out and get some fresh air and stretch my legs... but I have no motivation to. It's not that I'm lazy, because I WANT...
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    I'm thinking of returning to this game

    It's been a while, I got through a lot of it on the PSX, but ended up stopping due to save game issues. (Some b!tch overwrote my save file, to put it plainly.) I was thinking of returning to it to finally appreciate the full game, but with some restored and enhanced glory. I'm not sure if I...
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    What will we do if XIII-3 exists?

    Let's play a game. If Square Enix announces XIII-3 on its upcoming Lightning Saga event, we all have to do something crazy, like a drinking game, but we can be more diverse. Since this game's existence would be brutally painful to the franchise and all of our sanity towards this treasured...
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    Members comitting forum suicide?

    I'm noticing multiple active forum members keep perma-banning themselves by 'posting porn'. I sense a conspiracy.:sneaky:
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    Someone give me $100

    so I can upgrade my computer to run Skyrim nicely. :( Will be appreciated. <3 Send me a PM to hit up my PayPal.
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    Little brother's videogame addiction = family problems

    My little brother has clearly become addicted to Uncharted 3 at only 10 years old, and plays/does nothing else unless I literally strike a deal with him that I'll let him play Uncharted 3 for an extended period of time after. At his age, I was a victim of being addicted to certain videogames and...
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    Needs a new Final Fantasy adventure

    Since there hasn't been any really good Final Fantasy games recently, I'm kind of missing that sense of epic adventure Final Fantasy gives me. I absolutely adore the feeling of the character development and the locations. Just the overall experience. I don't want to go back to the old Final...
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    What do you do when you experience a game-breaking event while playing a videogame that totally isn't your fault, which prevents you from progressing or at least strongly cripples you from the experience? Sometimes game developers will accidentally look over certain glitches or gameplay...
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    The Product Placement Game

    How to play: Post a picture of a random product that you could find at a store. (One picture per post.) and you must post a statement about the product above you, no matter what it is. I.E.: If you have any relation to that product, have ever used it before or if you like/dislike it. I'll start:
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    For the 5 years I've been a member of this thread...

    I feel like I know no one. It's very sad. :'( I come on here usually to stalk the Square Enix News and sometimes I'll ask for help with an FF game or voice my opinion in a random thread, but other than that I don't feel 'involved' enough. I'd be interested in getting acquainted/getting to know...
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    Fan Art A hot Yuna pic for the senses

    -- Click for full size -- Here's the deviantart link: Tell me how you feel about this slut-ified Yuna picture I made for a friend. I would like to colour it but it takes a lot of work and I kind of like it the way it is.
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    Help Should I be frantically levelling up my characters?

    I'm about to go into the Stilshrine after the Paramina Rift, and my entire group is Level 27-28. Most of my characters have between 1200-1300 HP, and I think Fran and Basch have over 1400. I only have the basic black magic skills on everyone, but they all have white magic skills up to Cura...
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    What achievements will mankind obtain before the release of FF Versus XIII?

    Come up with a short list or something that mankind will most likely achieve before the release date of FFVersusXIII. A lot has already happened since then, Barack Obama became the president of the United States, first black president. A total political disaster was solved in Libya, hundreds of...