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  1. Jimmy

    Did you think to collect all the party members BEFORE going to Kefka's Tower?

    On my first playthrough no i didn't gather all the party. I couldn't find a few of them so i went on ahead with the party that i had, i believe i had Celes, Edgar, Sabin, Setzer, Terra and maybe Gau...i can't really remember.
  2. Jimmy

    Detailed Kefka Info From an Ultimania Style Book on FF VI

    Kefka likes to play with dolls? Whoa i had no idea about that i guess that just makes him even more twisted which is a good thing. That's a lot of interesting information if it's confirmed good topic bro.
  3. Jimmy

    SeeD Test

    I completed a few tests on my own, most of the questions are easy but every once in a while a hard or confusing question came and i was stuck... It was only later that i found a youtube video with all the answers and without thinking twice i copied all the answers earning myself the top rank...
  4. Jimmy

    Rinoa Envy & Craving Theory (major spoilers allowed, included, etc)

    The initial post of this topic is full of fanboysm sorry but it's the truth... I don't get your points on being envyous of Rinoa they don't make sense to me. I mean i get that some people might not like her because she ended up with Squall instead of some other character, but really besides...
  5. Jimmy

    Who Was Stronger: Seifer or Squall?

    I would say Squall is the better of the two thinking about it yet again... In terms of mentality Seifer is actually pretty weak, he was easily persuaded by Ultimecia to join her, this shows how confused and troubled he really is in my opinion. Squall isn't rash and as a cold way of thinking...
  6. Jimmy

    Aww...aren't you cute. NOW DIE

    I did remember trying to avoid those bunnies that appear...i felt bad killing them:S All Final Fantasy titles have "cute" monsters who you have to slaughter, the differance is that on the other FF titles you couldn't really avoid them since you stepped on a piece of grass and there you went...
  7. Jimmy

    final fantasy 8 is under rated

    I think all Final Fantasy titles are in the shadow of FFVII, some because they're worst others just because that's the way it is. As for me this is probably my favourite FF title tied with IX and perhaps VI, i enjoy VII a lot but i find that the boundaries of fanboysm are reached with that...
  8. Jimmy

    Help A few questions before I pass the point of no return...

    If you're just playing the game straightforward then there's no need to worry about, the only boss who would be out of your league is Omega Weapon and you won't battle it if you're just playing the regular game. All other bosses on Ultimecia's Castle are pretty easy, they're HPs aren't that...
  9. Jimmy

    How much I totally fail at this game.

    Hmmm well then maybe i started with the normal sphere grid, can't say for sure it's been about 6 years ago.
  10. Jimmy

    How much I totally fail at this game.

    I chose beginner's sphere grid the first time i believe and it still turned into a mess on my first game. That's how it was for me.
  11. Jimmy

    How old were you when you played your first Final Fantasy?

    I was twelve years old when i played Final Fantasy VIII for the first time. My parents gave me Final Fantasy VIII, Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter as Christmas gifts, naturally i spent the 25th playing them, however i can't really remember which one i played first...i do however remember not...
  12. Jimmy

    The beginning mission

    The thing i like the most about the first mission is the soundtrack playing as you arrive at the station and the mission starts, that song is amazing and gets me fired up so i usually listen to it on youtube from time to time. As for blowing the reactor it's alright and all that, but if it...
  13. Jimmy

    ShinRa's Building: Sneak in or barge in?

    The first times i played it i always sneaked in, then after a while i tried to break in and cause havoc and found out it's much more fun to just run inside and start battling ShinRa soldiers left and right. Ever since then i always run in, it's just less boring to me.
  14. Jimmy

    [RPG Clan] The Zodiac Alliance

    It's ok i don't mind waiting until the creator appears. Thanks for welcoming me;)
  15. Jimmy

    [RPG Clan] The Zodiac Alliance

    May i join this clan? Ever since the SeeDs were destroyed by their leader i have felt alone without a gang to back me up:( I'm not at a high level but i have been over 100 in the previous RPG games so give me a chance and i'll grow;) Username: Jimmy RPG Name: Jimmy Class: Dark Knight (but i...
  16. Jimmy

    How much I totally fail at this game.

    Don't worry that happened to me as well, the first time i played the game i had a completely random sphere-grid, Kimahri ended up learning black magic, Tidus was in Wakka's sphere grid and so on... I decided to restart the game since my characters were weak and couldn't even pass Mt.Gagazet...
  17. Jimmy

    Hatred for Hope

    Personally i don't hate the kid actually i don't think i hate any FFXIII character...not that i'm a fan either. I think Hope he's a well built character, he begins as this scared and cowardly kid who wants revenge but as the game keeps moving he seems to try and push the fear aside and act...
  18. Jimmy

    Final Fantasy & Age

    I don't know why Final Fantasy and other game titles do this though, ever since i began playing games i never once cared about the age of the main character, like for example in Dead Rising, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted and so on...all those main characters are awesome and they're around 30 years...
  19. Jimmy

    Playstation Official Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Thread

    Well all i can say is that of all the PS3 games that i have Uncharted 2 is my favourite and that tells me more then any polls i see, there's not one thing that i dislike in this game and the online mode is pretty fun with different types of game modes. By the way i reached level 46 and have...
  20. Jimmy

    What game did you buy last?

    Just bought Dead Rising 2 via Amazon!!! Chuck Gree is such a cool main character and finally i get a game where i really do feel trapped in a world full of zombie hordes, using all kinds of weapons to survive.
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