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  1. finalblackmage

    YouTube Dead Fantasy

    More DF dancing!
  2. finalblackmage

    FINAL FANTASY XII Soundtrack

    I bought the soundtrack after playing the game. It's wonderful to listen too. Really puts me back into the fantasy and wonder of the game.
  3. finalblackmage

    Favorite Playable Character

    I liked Aerith, but I hardly used her in battles. I loved Tifa's limit breaks.
  4. finalblackmage


    If I hadn't paid money to rent it and figure I should probably just beat it once, I would have put FF13 down a long time ago. FF12 was an amazing RPG and I remember waiting for it to come out and wasn't disappointed when it did.
  5. finalblackmage

    Help FFXIII: Side quests?

    Ya, I was able to do all the missions that come before the storyline ones easily, and tried at a few of the tougher ones with no luck, so I just went forward.
  6. finalblackmage

    What weapon should I upgrade?

    Does that mean the ultimate weapon can change depending on which one you started with? Are their recommendations for which weapon you should be upgrading to be the ultimate, or are all of them pretty close in stats?
  7. finalblackmage

    What weapon should I upgrade?

    I'm not that far but that's what I understand it as.
  8. finalblackmage

    What weapon should I upgrade?

    Here's a good guide for the cheapest way to upgrade: And this has all the exp that each one will need (because if you put too much in it'll just be wasted): I didn't...
  9. finalblackmage

    YouTube Dead Fantasy New update on his journal. Might be a delay in DFVI, but he's going to be working on a 'new project'. Sounds exciting!
  10. finalblackmage

    Nintendo NEW NINTENDO CONSOLE: Nintendo 3DS

    Wow those 3D effects are amazing! I do wish they wouldn't keep coming out with these new handheld systems though... it feels like there's a new one almost every year. I wish they'd just wait a bit and come out with a much better one every few years.
  11. finalblackmage

    Females of Final Fantasy

    I just tried to click the link, but it wouldn't open. I'm still not sure how I feel about the females of FFXIII yet, but they sure have potential at the part I'm at in the story.
  12. finalblackmage

    [SPOILERS] Is there anything new game+ or anything?

    That's very interesting. Not great as you've pointed out, but something.
  13. finalblackmage

    Favorite moments from the FF Series?

    I just recently rewatched the scene from 12 where Ashe is telling Balthier he has to come back and when they fly away she calls out his name. Really pulled at my heart strings, because Ashe was basically saying what every fangirl sitting in her room watching that part was thinking. NO BALTHEIR...
  14. finalblackmage

    New member, hi!

    Balthier is just amazing. One of my favourite FF characters for sure!
  15. finalblackmage

    Best Final Fantasy Game?

    My vote went to 6. It was one of the first ones I ever played and one of the ones I've replayed the most. I wish the games would go back to giving you tons of characters all with their own specialities because I love party customization. The best part was none of the characters really felt...
  16. finalblackmage

    Best Kingdom Hearts Game?

    The first one for me. I haven't really liked the rest as much as it. Just gameplay and story wise it was more enjoyable for me. Haven't given up on the series yet or anything though, looking forward to what the rest of these games will bring. :)
  17. finalblackmage

    Kingdom Hearts: Love It Or Hate It?

    I don't like the KH series as a whole but the first game is for sure on my list of favourites. It reminded me of old school dark disney stuff. The game play was fun, the characters were loveable, and the story was disney styles of simple but enjoyable. Actually, if you took out the FF...
  18. finalblackmage

    FFXII: Love It or Hate It?

    I loved it! I got a bit confused at first with the gameplay but once I got the rhythm even small battles were a lot of fun. :) Characters were great too, I liked how they all seemed to get their own time in the spotlight.
  19. finalblackmage

    Crisis Core Did you get emotionally attached?

    I really liked Aerith and felt so bad when he was trying to get back to her. He was a really likeable character to me. :) I kind of thought he never really realized he was flirting, he was just a nice guy. That's why he also asked Cloud out for dinner. Him and Cloud were really cute too...
  20. finalblackmage

    New member, hi!

    Hi! I'm Finalblackmage, but I know that's a lot to type so any short form like FBM is fine. :) Been an FF fan for a pretty long time now. Playing 13 right now yay! Favourite is probably 6 or 12, though it's been ages since I played either. I have a friend with the international version of...
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