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  1. Alpha Spirit

    Thank you for sending me reputation. I just noticed it. Sorry for not thanking you earlier. :)

    Thank you for sending me reputation. I just noticed it. Sorry for not thanking you earlier. :)
  2. Alpha Spirit

    Hardest Boss

    Damn that Wall! That boss was so hard. I remember the fight really well, just because of the frustration. Odin was also hard, but he is optional. I was lazy to grind for some levels and wanted to beat him, no matter how low my level was.
  3. Alpha Spirit

    Thank you for your friend request. :)

    Thank you for your friend request. :)
  4. Alpha Spirit

    Squalls Death

    Interesting theory. I have read a lot about it, but still don't believe it. R=U theory sounds more plausible to me. Also, if you think that Squall was killed, then how do you explain the track that is playing while Edea strikes him. The track is called "Wounded". :)
  5. Alpha Spirit

    Cloud is an Emo

    Emo has to pass these two things: 1. Personality: Extremely emotional and not wanting to change his personality, ... 2. Looks: Heavy eye make-up, black clothes, weird hair, ... So... Cloud surely doesn't look like an emo, but he is a bit more emotional, so does that make him an emo? No, he is...
  6. Alpha Spirit

    Repetitive Strategy - Summoning

    I hated the battle system first time playing. Drawing and summoning takes way too much time. When I got to Adel, I couldn't beat her so I started all over again. Then I decided that this time I will take it more slowly and learn the battle system. So I found out that you don't have to draw or...
  7. Alpha Spirit

    [Spoiler] Squall and Rinoa scene

    It's called Ending Theme. It has Eyes on Me, Final Fantasy Main Theme and Premonition in it. Epic song.
  8. Alpha Spirit

    final fantasy abomination

    Totally agree!! :whistle2: I don't know, but I hate kids in Final Fantasy games, because MOST of them are SO immature and annoying (Hope from FFXIII is an exception). A good example is in FFIV. I absolutely HATE every scene that Palom and Porom are in FFIV. Some find them cute, but for me...
  9. Alpha Spirit

    I Need too Finish This Game

    You don't have to draw anything! Only GFs! Remember that you can get magic by refining items that you get from monsters, either by defeating them or by mugging them. If you play Triple Triad you can also refine cards to get items.
  10. Alpha Spirit

    Versus Story Prediction

    I think that the story will be a lot about tragedy. Maybe something like a modern Godfather. Noctis can be a mix of Michael Corleone and Anakin Skywalker. In the beginning he is a shy, inexperienced and a normal young person. But later he gets mystical powers from somewhere(maybe when his...
  11. Alpha Spirit

    Top 10 Favorite Gaming Characters

    1. Squall Leonhart(Final Fantasy VIII) 2. Laguna Loire(Final Fantasy VIII) 3. Max Payne(Max Payne) 4. Arthas(Warcraft III) 5. Locke Cole(Final Fantasy VI) 6. Noctis Lucis Caelum(Final Fantasy versus XIII) 7. Kratos(God of War) 8. Alma Wade(F.E.A.R.) 9. Celes Chere(Final Fantasy VI) 10...
  12. Alpha Spirit

    What Is Your Favorite FF?

    IV and VIII are absolutely my favorite games. Both completely different in almost any way, but still I love them. It's probably because of the characters. Those are the two only FF games where I like all the characters. VIII gets my vote, because it has a better story. After IV, my favorite is VI.
  13. Alpha Spirit

    Who find the 'Clash on the Big Bridge' (from the Gilgamesh battle) really catchy?

    It's a great battle theme, but the Black Mages version is just... awesome! The fights with Gilgamesh were easy though.
  14. Alpha Spirit

    FFIV: Love it or Hate it?

    Love it. VIII, VI and IV happen to be my favorite games. I have played the SNES version only, so 'walking' through the whole game was a pain, but you get used to it. The game wasn't that hard for me, not at least till the final dungeon. I had to grind 10 levels there... Anyway... A great game...
  15. Alpha Spirit

    Do people around you hate ff?

    I am shocked to see many people around us that hate or don't care about the thing we love. In my case, I don't know a single person from my whole country that knows the word 'Final Fantasy'. Almost everyone I know plays sport or shooter games and in the games that they play they just ignore...
  16. Alpha Spirit

    I just bought the PC version of the game.

    I doubt that the PC one is better then the PS version. The PC version has a lot of glitches and bugs. I do not own the PC version so I'm not sure. Anyway, enjoy the game if you can. It is also one of my favorite FF's.
  17. Alpha Spirit

    Best and Worst Plot Twists

    Really? The orphanage plot twist is a huge coincidence? They I'm sorry, but I have to comment this, too. Why is that so bad? She is actually there from the beginning but without your knowledge. It kinda reminds of IV . It doesn't need to be like in VII. It seems that everyone compares...
  18. Alpha Spirit

    What final fantasy character are you most like?

    I am somewhere between Squall and Laguna. I'm like Squall's brother. My mind is like Squall's, but my heart is just like Laguna's if that makes any sense. I tried once to be totally like Squall for one day. It wasn't hard, but at the end of the day I felt strangely depressed. I wouldn't try to...
  19. Alpha Spirit

    FFVI Favourites and Worsts List

    Favorite Character: Celes Favorite Male Character: Locke Favorite Female Character: Celes Favorite NPC character: Kefka Favorite Weapon: - Favorite Desperation Attack: Never used it Favorite Magic: SpamUltima!! Favorite Esper: Ragnarok Favorite Random Monster: Cactrot Favorite Boss: Atma Weapon...
  20. Alpha Spirit

    Creepiest FF music?

    'Trail of blood' from VII is pretty creepy, but so is 'Succession of Witches', 'Lunatic Pandora', beginning of 'The Extreme', 'Compression of Time' from VIII and a bit 'Theme of Sorrow' from IV.