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  1. JasonTandro

    Square Enix Star Ocean Series Thread!

    Wow so I just got the message in my inbox today about First Departure R being released and since I've never played the original I was considering picking it up. But I notice that this thread you started a while ago hasn't had much gushing and if there is one thing I love to do it is gush...
  2. JasonTandro

    Which Final Fantasy is best for start?

    I would say Final Fantasy X is probably the most user-friendly experience over all and it's a great one to start with. Apart from that: FFIV (SNES version, not the 3DS port) and FFVII are also good beginner ones in terms of being the easiest to follow, the most engaging and just generally being...
  3. JasonTandro

    Spooky Stories of Your Own?

    I write horror short stories under the pen name FearAddict, and you better believe I've had a few spooky things happen to me. I consider myself a fringe-skeptic. I believe 99% of spooky things are explained logically. But I also won't deny that there are a few things I can't explain that have...
  4. JasonTandro

    New to MMO's but going to give this a go....

    It's a really good time to do with the new xpac having dropped and you're right around the corner from a content patch. And, since you're starting from scratch, you already have your work cut out for ya. Couple of things I'd recommend: 1. Join an FC (see above posts for the forum's FC on...
  5. JasonTandro

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered - Let's Talk About It!

    So couple things about the Remaster I'd like to see: 1. Steam Boost options (the Magic Booster starter, for instance. While I personally wouldn't use it, I think that would help new players be a bit more forgiving towards it. 2. Added / secret Guardian Forces. (though not sure how likely it...
  6. JasonTandro

    [VOTING] FFXIV Bikini Contest

    I want more beard options lol. I can't grow a proper one myself. Also i wish they gave us Dadbod options so i can play myself lol!
  7. JasonTandro

    Final Fantasy VII: Remake - Part 1 Dedicated to Midgar (Discussion)

    They said that the SE team considers this a "mainline entry" and not a "side project". With it being a full ground-up remake, I actually expect the final product is going to be astonishingly different from the original game. I feel like it will follow the same basic storyline, but with major...
  8. JasonTandro

    FFVII Remake: Pre-ordering or waiting? Which Edition?!

    I'll be going with the standard edition personally. I don't think I've ever purchased collector's editions for myself, though I have had a few given to me as gifts (Final Fantasy XIII-2 by my now ex-wife and Fable III by my brother). As much as I love nerd swag, I've never been able to justify...
  9. JasonTandro

    Online Usernames

    My earliest screenames were cadetprivaterodney and spyro12 (from when I was a Freshman in highschool and in JROTC to boot [I lasted a year]). Jason Tandro has been my net handle since forever. I started it on the TerraEarth Forums, and it was based on the name of a character from a book I was...
  10. JasonTandro

    Suggestion Creative Marketing Campaign

    I'm not sure if this will help, but I have a few ideas. IME, stuff that generates forum buzz in the forums I've been to have been games, polls and top ten lists. Games are usually a lot better in Forums, depending upon the type of game. I remember Flintlock from The Lifestream forum had...
  11. JasonTandro

    I've come up with a new recipe! (2019)

    I guess tomorrow night I'll have to cook another batch of my famous Ramen & Volcano Chili and send it your way.
  12. JasonTandro

    Weirdest compliments you've ever gotten

    I have a few funny stories about off-the-wall compliments, though one particular one immediately came to mind when I saw the title. So potential TMI here, I'm into BDSM and I'm (mostly) a Dom. This is something that has been a pretty big part of my life, such that when I get to know people...
  13. JasonTandro

    What's Your Plans Today?

    Well I'll go with today's to do list since it's past midnight. [X] Work until 7 AM (Night Auditor at a hotel. Pretty chill shift. Just got off my day shift at the dollar store two hours ago) [X ] Renew Netflix [X] Watch Antman & The Wasp (Edit: DAT MID-CREDITS SCENE.....) [ ] Watch Captain...
  14. JasonTandro

    Who is your favourite FFXIV NPC?

    Oh wow you've opened the can of worms haven't you there... so many to choose from... Lemme break them into categories: Favorite City-State Leader: Ser Aymeric (lord save my fragile heterosexuality. Also, honorable mention: Merlywyb) Favorite Scion: Y'shtola (especially after the Burn...
  15. JasonTandro

    Your Sig Space

    I do enjoy utilizing the full set of my Forum tools as a sort of personal flair. Signature, Avatar, etc. I try to make them all mean something. At present my signature is fairly basic. Still new and I felt an overly bombastic signature with an image might be a bit premature (as opposed to...
  16. JasonTandro

    FFXIV Bikini Contest

    I hope my Hotlander Hyur meets the requirements. Its not great but i dont get much time to play these days.
  17. JasonTandro

    Official FFXIV Player List

    Username: Jason Tandro Character: Jason Tandro Class/Job: [DPS MAIN] Lv 70 Samurai, Lv 70 Dragoon. [TANK] Lv 70 Dark Knight [HEAL] Lv 61 White Mage Server: Louisoix Planning on mastering Gunbreaker when Shadowbringers hits and will probably make the leap to a Tank Main. Dark Knight got...
  18. JasonTandro

    Content Request FFXIV Chocobo Companions

    I, uh, hope you like the color red lol. I thought this was a cool way to show off the two SB1 jobs. I'm a SAM main and my birb is a Red Mage. And it's sunset in Shirogane.
  19. JasonTandro

    FFVI Favourites and Worsts List

    Favorite Character: Terra Favorite Male Character: Setzer or Locke Favorite Female Character: Terra Favorite NPC character: Ultros Favorite Weapon: Auto-Crossbow (so satisfying with its pew-pew-pew doink-doink-doink) Favorite Desperation Attack: Terra's (I think it's called Riot) Favorite...