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  1. TheRealTrxd

    What Are You NOT Loking Forward To In The Final Fantasy X Remaster?

    That's obviously not what it's about, I'd never complain in a JRPG that something was 'too hard' to get. There seems to be a fine line between something being difficult and something being obnoxious. They were ridiculous, repetitive, not fun, time-wasting, irritating (which I believe is the...
  2. TheRealTrxd

    What Are You NOT Loking Forward To In The Final Fantasy X Remaster?

    Of course, a lot of people just think the ways to get the ultimate weapons are completely obnoxious.
  3. TheRealTrxd

    20 reasons why Final Fantasy XIII is not a good Final Fantasy game

    This is pretty irrelevant and juvenile to be honest, we aren't talking about... I dunno, a chainsaw here, it either does the job or it doesn't, a good video game is really very subjective and relies on so many different factors. Anyone could make 20 reasons why any Final Fantasy is not a good...
  4. TheRealTrxd

    Was Snow stupid or not?

    He was just very very naive, that was the whole point of his character. He had skated through his life, he was very hopeful that he could achieve anything, he was over-confident, but he was never malicious. That's just what his character is meant to be, so I don't hate him. Whether you consider...
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    The Jap, Eng, ending debate

    They both make sense but I think it was more important to her that she thanked him for helping her on her journey, I like the drama it adds to X-2 in which the reason why she just can't let go is because she never told him how she felt. Yuna is a completely selfless person, that's the whole...
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    What Are You NOT Loking Forward To In The Final Fantasy X Remaster?

    Well I wrote what I would like on my blog. /shamelessplug /dontevencare Yeah I'm really not looking forward to any of those mini-games either, hopefully they can cut those out... right? And I suppose I'm not looking forward to witnessing the long introduction again, the game only really gets...
  7. TheRealTrxd

    Tidus and Yuna, a perfect couple?

    I didn't vote because I find the idea of giving a loving relationship a rating from 1 to 10 a bit ridiculous and degrading. People fall in love, they can be completely different but what matters is if they truly love each other, enjoy each others company and are faithful, the rest is irrelevant...
  8. TheRealTrxd

    Who would like to see Dark Aeons in FF X HD?

    Of course! To be completely honest I was never able to beat them so perhaps with this new rerelease it will give me an excuse to try again :)
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    FFXIII-2 Final Fantasy XIII-2: Love it or Hate it

    It's a brilliant game, I feel like it really fulfilled all the potential that XIII contained.
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    [01/08] New Final Fantasy XIII game has entered production

    Anybody who says Lightning or Cloud have one dimensional personalities have paid almost no attention to those games, the entire point of those characters is that they are more than what they appear to be, and yet some 'fans' just pay attention to their outward stoic style and label them one...
  11. TheRealTrxd

    [30/12] Final Fantasy X HD: "Same Quality As The Original"

    It would introduce Final Fantasy X to an entire new generation of gamers, if you consider that useless then fine.
  12. TheRealTrxd

    No Ambushes

    Since they appear on the map it would be pretty hard for a fiend to genuinely ambush the player, if the feature was implemented it would just never happen.
  13. TheRealTrxd

    Tidus and Chappu

    I could see it a bit, I think it was there spirit (that shun through their appearance) that resembled each other more, rather than physically having the same features.
  14. TheRealTrxd

    I just beat FFVIII! Here is my review.

    First time FF VIII player, beat it in a month, you can see my review on the link in my signature :)
  15. TheRealTrxd

    [22/08] Final Fantasy Type-0's Trey and Cater Introduced

    Looks like this game is looking to trump VI for highest amount of playable characters?
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    Final Fantasy Hair - Who has the best hair? And what do you think about it?

    Lightning has the best hair in the series for me, it's just so pimp looking without sacrificing femininity. Other than that I did like Fran and Wakka's hair, Cloud's just annoyed me.
  17. TheRealTrxd

    How old were you when you played your first Final Fantasy?

    11, I saw Final Fantasy X-2 at blockbusters and rented it because I thought the cover looked so cool and mysterious. Then I bought X and my obsession began ;)
  18. TheRealTrxd

    FFXIII-2 Discussion Thread

    Y'no what I really didn't get about XIII? *Ending Spoilers below* Maybe it's something that will be explained in XIII-2, maybe its why Lightning got sent to that world, and maybe Sazh, Hope and Snow are there too?
  19. TheRealTrxd

    FFVIII : Love It Or Hate It?

    ^ A lot of people these days just label a character as Emo and then dismiss them, its annoying. All Final Fantasy characters should be took for what they are and why. I've just started playing like a week ago and its fun so far, the story is very meh right now, all that's happened is armys...
  20. TheRealTrxd

    Would you like to see a remake/spinoff to this game?

    Not particularity, I would perhaps like a 3DS remake, heck maybe even a Vita remake. It's such a great game but I think it is probably the Final Fantasy that least needs a sequel or remake, V was great and achieved the full of its potential, so just leave it alone?