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  1. Lirael

    FFF 'Then and Now'!

    Questions: When did you first join FFF? 2006, though I wasn't active for a fair few years after that. I think I started to use the site properly around 2010? How did you stumble upon FFF? I google searched for Final Fantasy Forum and joined pretty much all of them! I was more active...
  2. Lirael

    FFF Romance

    So apparently this is news to Sean. :lew:
  3. Lirael

    FFF Romance

    Hi everyone, It's been a long time since .Mosh and I were regular members here, so only a few of you will probably remember us, but... to cut a long story short...
  4. Lirael

    Serious Falling out of love?

    I actually think you should break up with him. Regardless of how you feel, you are both very different and your differences are incompatible. I have never wanted children either so I can understand where you're coming from on this one. Personally, I don't this is something you can compromise...
  5. Lirael

    Making a trip to the UK, what to expect?

    You should see one of the live shows if you have the time! There are loads of fantastic productions in London! :)
  6. Lirael

    Let's Review: Final Fantasy XV

    I am in chapter 6 and I feel like the game is a bit pointless so far. It's fun enough to play, but there's no substance to the story thus far and it hasn't hooked me in like the previous Final Fantasy games. The main characters are my favourite part of the game. I like Noctis, Ignis...
  7. Lirael

    Kingsglaive Luna VS FFXV Luna

    After watching the film and playing 11 hours of the game, I definitely prefer the in game Luna. The film Luna looks much older than her age (I am in my mid 20s and feel she looks at least 15 years older than my friends, and even some of my friends in their late 30s). Furthermore, her eyes are...
  8. Lirael

    Where were you that fateful day 15 years ago (9/11)

    My students asked me this yesterday - what a coincidence! I was in school. I can't actually remember how we heard about it. I have a vague memory of watching it on the school TV, but part of me thinks it's a false memory. I may have heard about it on the radio when I got home.
  9. Lirael

    SOTW 185 Voting

    1 - The colours and text work well, but I would have preferred to see the tips of the owl's wings, which have been lost. 2 - Beautiful lighting, which brings this piece together. The colours and text also work incredibly well.
  10. Lirael

    Stranger Things (Netflix)

    I watched this series a couple of days ago and absolutely loved it. The story was gripping and I enjoyed piecing the details together as the characters did. I had a theory about Eleven on the way which turned out to be wrong, but it was fun guessing who she might be. :D I was impressed by the...
  11. Lirael


    Does anyone here play EvoCreo? It's a Pokemon-style game for the Android and only costs 79p in the UK. There's a review here which goes through the basic mechanics and has a few screenshots for those who are interested: I am...
  12. Lirael

    The Dreaded Gym.

    When I'm at work, I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, but I am struggling to motivate myself this summer. I have been 2-3 times. However, I have been walking and cycling most days, so it's not all bad. I definitely find it easier with others. I get a bit competitive in classes. ;)
  13. Lirael

    Favourite Alcohol

    A week ago, I discovered that I LOVE espresso martinis. Two kept me awake for a good 8 hours afterwards though... and I had them at 10pm, so I didn't really sleep that night! :yay:
  14. Lirael

    Buy or download music?

    It depends on the album. Sometimes, I really want a physical copy, but most of the time, I download it digitally so that I can enjoy it immediately and take the music with me on my phone. I don't tend to go shopping much and always prefer to listen to music before I buy it (when I haven't, I...
  15. Lirael

    How Old Were You...

    I was either 14 or 15. A friend of a friend introduced the series to me when I got bored of Zelda. I bought Final Fantasy VIII to begin with, got stuck, and then decided to buy a PS2 to play X and X-2, which Emily recommended. I absolutely LOVED To Zanarkand when it played in the opening...
  16. Lirael

    Nintendo Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

    I really like the fact they are bringing back some of the originals, but giving them a different appearance in the new realm. Learning about WHY this is the case will be interesting. I will be getting Pokemon Moon, although I probably should look into which Pokemon are available in each game...
  17. Lirael

    Final Fantasy XV Kings Glaive Disucssion

    In an interview, the team who created the film said that the film COULD be watched as a standalone and had its own story, but one which linked closely to the game and enhanced the game. I hope they were telling the truth! :( I have watched the first 12 minutes, which are on Youtube now...
  18. Lirael

    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Lindsey Stirling's new album is out!! I absolutely love her music but I think I have found a favourite on the album. I hope to make a music video to it.
  19. Lirael

    SOTW 184 Voting

    1 The use of colour in this is fantastic. The pink flowers really suit Jigglypuff's personality and appear to be part of a scene, in which Jigglypuff is admiring them. The lighting you have used helps to bring the piece together, and I really like the fact you've used the brown in the branches...
  20. Lirael

    Fan Art my sketches!

    Incredible work again. :) Do you use watercolour in all of your coloured drawings?