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  1. Dionysos

    SPOILERS What is your favourite location in Final Fantasy XVI?

    As the title says, are there any locations that really stand out to you and you enjoyed the most? While there's plenty to say about many locations, mine must be Doeznov terraces in Dhalmekia. *Spoilers are just because quest titles, etc, are visible on the screen. As a limestone springs spa...
  2. Dionysos

    What is your favourite moogle character?

    Whether used as woodland critters, robots, messengers or bounty hunter managers, some moogles stand out above the rest. So who is your favourite Moogle character? (By this I do mean character rather than species design as that is a completely different question, I think) To encourage your...
  3. Dionysos

    What is your favourite chocobo character?

    Every now and then a chocobo is given a name and either or both a unique design and personality to distinguish them from the average bird. Out of characters like these, who is your favourite? And why? Here are some examples to tease your memories, but feel free to appreciate any I might have...
  4. Dionysos

    [V2] What are you currently playing?

    Alan Wake (Remastered). I noticed I had this game in my library after installing it once it was made free on the PSN store. I've only ever owned Sony home consoles, so I never experienced Alan Wake back when it first released, so this was my first rodeo. Overall a mixed experience. I didn't...
  5. Dionysos

    SPOILERS Final Fantasy MEME Gallery

    The FFXVI cast is truly special and have created a(nother) comedy skit in advance of a signing session they did.
  6. Dionysos

    [V7] What are you currently listening to?

    Definitely a classic that I have been hearing more often lately for some reason. A few commercials, and it was also in the Guardians of the Galaxy game, which I played last year. Seems to be in vogue, and I don't blame whoever sets these trends as it is quite catchy, and that guitar riff is cool.
  7. Dionysos

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth General Discussion

    We now have a second trailer! :thehead: Caith Sith's moogle toy, the Gold Saucer, mountain chocobos literally climbing mountains, Tifa swimming, again (this time presumably at the Gold Saucer), Cosmo Canyon, the buggy, Vincent and Sephiroth modelling for L'oreal. This game looks like it...
  8. Dionysos

    SPOILERS Final Fantasy MEME Gallery

    Also, here's another topical meme. With Nintendo's Mario's voice actor retiring, the voice actors for Clive and Gav in FFXVI have provided their own takes....
  9. Dionysos

    What loveless is about

    I know you said you didn't want to discuss it, but the topic is too interesting to ignore, personally. There are some things we need to consider here. We know nothing about the original in-universe composer of Loveless. We don't even really know how long ago it was composed for certain. It is...
  10. Dionysos

    SPOILERS Final Fantasy MEME Gallery

    A topical meme. Also somebody apparently wore a cosplay of the old, blocky Sharlayan grapes from FFXIV Endwalker (now patched out, RIP :sad2: ). I'm sure Dionysus would love these grapes even if Square Enix didn't in the end.
  11. Dionysos

    [V7] What are you currently listening to?

    Lyrics: Lahh mahh mahh mahh mahh mahh mahh mahh, ahh ahh ahh ahh! Etc. A good cover.
  12. Dionysos

    FFX-2 A useless thread regarding the mention of Yunalesca in a fiend tale

    I'm not sure who was responsible for writing the fiend tales, but I believe they are canon in at least the sense that they are associated with and appear in various forms in the game. Whether they remain consistent with wider aspects is another matter. Some things that don't add up might have...
  13. Dionysos

    SPOILERS Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

    It is official. We have a new upcoming expansion slated for release summer 2024! Here is the trailer, but some (out of context) spoilers for those who have not played the other expansions, obviously. Essentially... The setting is the New World! I somehow guessed it would be. I shall avoid...
  14. Dionysos


    I don't consider not introducing yourself until three minutes after you signed up to be bad manners at all! Welcome to FFF. :argor: Let us know what your particular FF interests are and I'll see what we can do. Much still remaining to discuss given the chance!
  15. Dionysos

    SPOILERS Final Fantasy MEME Gallery

    This was posted in the Discord the other day, but it was so good I feel it deserves to be commemorated here too. Not a spoiler, don't worry. Instead it pokes fun at a basic gameplay mechanic in FFXVI.
  16. Dionysos

    [V7] What are you currently listening to?

    Quite possibly the best frog-related experience since Aristophanes' classic play. Had this on to help me focus whilst doing some work for a while so made a note to share it here where it shall be appreciated since there are known batrachophiles here.
  17. Dionysos

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth General Discussion

    Since we now have a new trailer and an approximate release window (early 2024) it is about time we created a new thread specifically for the second installment of the Remake project. Here is the new trailer: I'll say more about it at a later date, but the first twenty seconds in particular...
  18. Dionysos

    [FF IX] Would you like to see a remake/spinoff to this game?

    Today The Memoria Project released extended fan-made concept footage of what a Final Fantasy IX remake might look like. It focuses solely on Vivi during the opening Alexandria episode. Unfortunately it ends before the performance of the play but it still contains a lot of amazing details. To...
  19. Dionysos

    Final Fantasy XVI General Discussion Thread

    Been meaning to post the most recent trailer. But be cautious, it does seem to me to be quite spoilery. I mean, it shows . Titan's dominant . According to the recent promises, I believe that there are some large, open sections (akin to FFXIV zones), but that the game itself will not be...
  20. Dionysos

    Is Blank a living doll or monster?

    This is incredible! If they were ever to produce a remake for FFIX with more realistic graphics, I'd hope they'd take you on to design Blank as that is pretty much spot on how I envisage the character. You are very talented. Anyway, I'm glad you found this thread and that it helped somewhat...