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  1. Pat Frost

    TGS 2018: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition announced for PS4 & Switch

    I would say having two people is definitely enough. The game is even enjoyable when you're playing on your own. That said, FF CC was probably the number one game on my wishlist of possible remakes and I'm so glad it's coming to the Switch. I have so many great memories of the game - I used to...
  2. Pat Frost

    Half-Blind Let's Play World Of Final Fantasy [Episode 3 Up - Buzzcutting Into The Cave!]

    @Dionysos That's great to hear :D much appreciated! And yes, the puns are absolutely out of control, as evidenced by: Let's Play World Of Final Fantasy, Part 3 - Buzzcutting Into The Cave In the third episode of Let's Play WoFF, I start exploring the Nether Nebula and capture quite a few...
  3. Pat Frost

    World of Final Fantasy spoiling main FF titles?

    I've only played through half of the game and that was a few years ago, but from what I recall, WoFF does not really spoil any major events of mainline FF titles. There are a lot of references and homages to plot events from the games and locations/characters appear in the game as well, but as...
  4. Pat Frost

    [V2] Best Final Fantasy Game?

    Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised to see FFIX so far up in the vote. My list of favourites would go like this: 1. FFIX An instant classic for me. I love how the story is focusing on all characters almost equally, and the fact that all characters are so fundamentally different. The gameplay is fun...
  5. Pat Frost

    What did you like or dislike about FF5

    What I liked: The gameplay, and more accurately: THE JOB SYSTEM. It's the bread and butter of this game and works extremely well. The dialogue. People always like to bash on FFV's story, but I think it's fine and the humorous dialogue makes up for it. I would say it's the best FF game to play...
  6. Pat Frost

    SPOILERS My Problems with Final Fantasy 4

    I actually don't mind the constantly changing party. At least for me, whenever I play an FF game in which you can pick your party yourself, I tend to only use the characters that I like most or seem the most useful without ever mixing it up. I liked that in FFIV I was actually forced to branch...
  7. Pat Frost

    Favourite video game Easter eggs.

    On the topic of Uncharted 4. I don't really care for the series, but I loved the fact that the developers made you play the first level of Crash Bandicoot towards the beginning of the game. A great callback by Naughty Dog. One of my favourite recent easter eggs (if you can even call it that) is...
  8. Pat Frost

    [V1] What are you currently playing?

    I'm playing way too many things at once right now. In my leisure time: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC - I'm six hours in and it managed to capture me the same way the main game did. The battle system feels even more dynamic than in the main game which is great. Phoenix Wright Trilogy - I felt like...
  9. Pat Frost

    Half-Blind Let's Play World Of Final Fantasy [Episode 3 Up - Buzzcutting Into The Cave!]

    Let's Play World Of Final Fantasy, Part 2 - The Melancholy Of Enna Kros In the second episode of Let's Play WoFF, the game suddenly becomes an anime! ...oh, and Reynn and Lann reach the first major city of the game, Cornelia, after hitching a ride on the Cactuar Express.
  10. Pat Frost

    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Thread (Who's Getting it?)

    Yea, this just seems like a quick cash grab from Square's side. They spent ten years developing FFXV, so they will milk it as much as possible. I kinda enjoyed the original FFXV for what it was, especially the setting - I loved that you're basically just four friends on a big road trip. However...
  11. Pat Frost

    Half-Blind Let's Play World Of Final Fantasy [Episode 3 Up - Buzzcutting Into The Cave!]

    Thanks Dionysos! I agree, from what I can remember from my first playthrough, I really loved revisiting all the familiar towns and listening to all the remixed tunes. Especially seeing a well-known scene from FFV again gave me goosebumps. Coincidentally, this is also when I stopped playing the...
  12. Pat Frost

    FF Music

    Huh, seeing this thread reminded me that I also own some FF soundtracks. I don't have them here though, they're sadly collecting dust in my parents' basement...I should pick them up the next time I visit them. I own these OSTs on CD: FFVII - strange, since I'm not that big of a fan of this...
  13. Pat Frost

    Half-Blind Let's Play World Of Final Fantasy [Episode 3 Up - Buzzcutting Into The Cave!]

    Let's Play World Of Final Fantasy, Part 1 - One-Winged Chocochick In the first episode of Let's Play WoFF, our protagonists Reynn and Lann seem to jump into their doom from a multi-floor building, only to wake up to their normal lives...however, how normal can a world really be in which no...
  14. Pat Frost

    Half-Blind Let's Play World Of Final Fantasy [Episode 3 Up - Buzzcutting Into The Cave!]

    Let's Play World Of Final Fantasy - Introduction (Updates Mondays) Gotta catch 'em ... whoops, I mean, Capture, Customize, and Evolve! Our protagonists, the siblings Reynn and Lann, are led to the world of Grymoire by the mysterious Enna Kros to rediscover their past and save the future. Yup...
  15. Pat Frost

    FFVI General Discussion

    Loved FFVI when I finally finished it last year on my SNES Classic, but there's one thing I didn't really like during the endgame. I'll put in spoiler tags: Still a great game and one of the better FFs though.
  16. Pat Frost

    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Thanks WWE for getting this stuck in my head, I guess.
  17. Pat Frost

    Favorite Sport

    Gotta go with Tennis. I played it myself for 5-ish years and had a blast. Also, it's probably one of the best sports to watch since it can get quite intense, and points are won really quickly. On second I'd put football/soccer since I've been following that for around 15-20 years now.
  18. Pat Frost

    Who's Preparing For Kingdom Hearts III with a series Playthrough?

    I do have KH 1.5 and 2.5 HD and I wish I could replay them, but sadly I don't have enough time at the moment. Also, as I would like to play them in chronological release date order, I'd have to get through KH1's clunky controls and camera movement first, which is quite a slog. That camera did...
  19. Pat Frost

    Naming your mirages.

    I nickname all Mirages I plan on using. Or when the situation demands it. For example, I didn't realise I set the battle music to random. So when I fought the Chocochick (for emphasis: the first enemy you meet in the wild), naturally One-Winged Angel started playing and I just had to name it...