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  1. Shaissa

    SPOILERS [FF VIIR] Ending thoughts and feelings overall about particular things

    So this has to do with the overall game soooo spoilers ahead for all of part 1! Not putting anything in spoilers final warning! This mainly is to discuss what the Whispers are and what everyone in the game sees them as. So my first thoughts of the game are we should not expect to...
  2. Shaissa

    Slay Sir Ian of the Gorge the Iron Giant!

    An Al shows up and tries to throw a pokeball at it, thinking it's a pokemon
  3. Shaissa

    Slay Sir Ian of the Gorge the Iron Giant!

    The past victims of this game come from... Wherever they're resting and haunt Sir Ian telling him he is next
  4. Shaissa

    Slay Sir Ian of the Gorge the Iron Giant!

    Shaissa has decided to join the fight against Sir Ian, and drop kicks it!
  5. Shaissa

    FFF Choice Best FF Location - Poll

    I don't know which one to vote for... In the end i had to vote for Lindblum, i was going vote for Balmba Garden, but it being a school was a turn off.
  6. Shaissa

    Pummel Phay Z'or the Paissa!

    :rofl: i really thought he was dead before my line... The least it was peaceful unlike all these other guys who were treating the poor paissa as a kioling machine
  7. Shaissa

    FFF Sims Lifestream (Discussion)

    This is very....intereting... I somehow see more murder if this was a real thing though :wacky: no way would most of these people live peacefully in a house!
  8. Shaissa

    Pummel Phay Z'or the Paissa!

    in case 4 people dont killl it.... Prays to the almighty Paissa god, to at least send the paissa to Paissa Heaven for its death was very cruel and unusual
  9. Shaissa

    Pummel Phay Z'or the Paissa!

    who is doing this to me!?!?!? :sad2: I should win cause this is me.!!! Hugs the Paissa to make him better
  10. Shaissa

    Square Enix Favorite Square-Enix Franchise?

    I think we all know that Square-Enix has many games and franchises outside of Final Fantasy, the next biggest one being Dragon Quest, You also have Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Front Mission, Tomb Raider, Hitman... the list goes on and on.. so is Final Fantasy your favorite franchise or is there...
  11. Shaissa


    hello, welcome to the forum :elmo: Enjoy your stay, my favorite is IX.
  12. Shaissa

    FFF Magazine Name?

    I think we should call it the Kupo News Wark (or something to do with many FF games not just one or two like these current names)
  13. Shaissa

    SPOILERS My Problems with Final Fantasy 4

    I kinda get where you are coming from, but we have to remember how old this game was and what RPGs were really like before this. As far as the changing characters, I think this added some interesting depth to the story, and this was really their first attempt at giving you more characters with...
  14. Shaissa

    Problems with FFF

    Sorry you weren't feeling welcome in the SB, for me I am usually gaming when I am on here, and sometimes I don't look back at the screen for 30 minutes or more and by then I forget what was talked about, and I feel that a lot of people go back and forth between the forum and other things, also...
  15. Shaissa

    How come people think the music is good in FF7

    I think it has to do with what everyone says, the music just fits the game so well for the most part, even the happier stuff like in Golden Saucer fits the tone of that part of the game. Even the characters theme musics are all fitting to the characters, heck Sephiroths theme is one of the best...
  16. Shaissa


    A few theories could arise, one we don't really see exactly where Edge is, could be around the whole city so then the roads could be pointing opposite ways and two, after a big event like a meteor hitting the face of the planet, the planet might have actually shifted, who knows really... I...
  17. Shaissa

    FF Video FAQ - Interest Check

    I would be interested in this with the FF's I know the most about Problem I see right now is how we determine the most "FAQ's" since most FAQ's can be found online especially with the older FF's, second is how are you going right the FAQ's is, it going be like a gamefaqs way where the owner...
  18. Shaissa


    Welcome to the forum please enjoy your stay! :elmo:
  19. Shaissa

    Happy Birthday, McGee!

  20. Shaissa

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum! I played most of the main FF's and the Spinoffs, never got into the MMO's though (XI and XIV) but welcome and enjoy your stay