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  1. Ross

    Birthday Happy birthday, Tami!

    It's totally midnight for you so you're welcome :cool: Happy birthday, @shivas ! You're getting so so so old but it's okay. 5pm naps and sore backs are just a way of life for you now Your very own birthday cat picture. Honestly took me waaaaaay too long to find but he's eating cake so...
  2. Ross

    Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) SCH Clear!

    Hoo boy. I don't even know where to begin this thread! For those who are unaware, the Unending Coil of Bahamut is a full party (8 player) level 70 trial that was released in patch 4.1 (October 2017). Typically raids in XIV will have two difficulties - Normal and Savage - however this trial was...
  3. Ross


    I totally stayed up until midnight your time, how cool is that ^_^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMI I hope you enjoy your day, old timer! I LOVE FRUIT JUICE.
  4. Ross

    A12s clear (AST perspective)

    Figured I'd post it in a thread because reasons. Last of the Alex Savage floors so it's kinda interesting maybe! This was supposed to be a practice run for me as I'm still learning, but we ended up clearing it without wiping. Technically my fourth time in there so I'm happy. Though I have to...
  5. Ross

    Happy birthday, Tami!!

    Wanted to make this thread before anyone else pffft. Happy birthday, shivas ! Can't draw your XIV character like you did for me buuuut at the very least I hope you have a great day! :kira: Just remember it's all downhill from here :8F:
  6. Ross

    Birthday Happy Birthday, Mark!

    Mentioned it on XIV yesterday so this might be a day late for you. Time zones are hard okay. But happy birthday, Mark! Hope you enjoy(ed) your day! :awesome: GothicSyn
  7. Ross

    Nidhogg Extreme... Super gross.

    Recorded our Nidhogg extreme clear from earlier! I'm on White Mage and Tom is on SCH. This was probably our worst run of the evening and yet we somehow pulled it together and got the clear with maybe one or two seconds to spare before enrage. Heart was beating so fast at the end, haha. Akh...
  8. Ross

    Patch 3.3 Starting Points!

    Here are the starting points for the new quests and stuff that are coming with patch 3.3! I find it much easier to figure out what's going on when it's laid out like this, especially since there's so much being added. *For the Moogle beast tribe quests, as far as I know there's a questline...
  9. Ross

    Seph ex clear video... or something!

    More so recorded so I can cringe at my horrible, horrible tanking... but I figured I'd share it here too. Dunno how to tag people but Six and Tom on heals, Jeff and I tanking, and Wal on BLM (only his third time in there or something too) dat deployment tactics though May have taken three or...
  10. Ross

    What's your favourite trial/dungeon/raid?

    That's an awkwardly worded title but I couldn't think of anything else :wacky: I didn't see any other threads on this topic so apologies if I missed something. It took a while to even find a group capable of beating it once, but after almost 20 or so clears... My favourite trial in this game...
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