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  1. Miko

    [V7] What are you currently listening to?

    Now eat a banana 🍌 potassium for stamina 🕺 Then build a school 🏫 Burn it down Get on the floor and do it now :wacky: F$ck a house Eat a shoe 👞 All because we told you to! :spaz:
  2. Miko

    Favorite Cid?

    Added FFXVI to the list (The poll is able to change your vote if you feel inclined, either now or in the future.) Despite your feelings on the game, or even my own, I think I'm confident saying that Cidolfus Telamon is probably my new favorite Cid, but FFVII Cid Highwind is still a close...
  3. Miko

    [V7] What are you currently listening to?

    Should I just leave it alone? I can't, won't decide Should I just walk in your fire? Silver lion It wants to enter my mind I want to pretend Should I just leave it alone? Silver lion
  4. Miko

    Focused RPGs

    I don't have a lot of RPGs under my belt, at least not compared to some of the others here (or, well, who were here), but The Last Story came to mind if you haven't already played it. It was directed & co-written by Hironobu Sakaguchi. Oldies, but some of my favorites growing up that come to...
  5. Miko

    [V2] What are you currently playing?

    Still playing Sims 4 (Not So Berry Challenge) with Six as it acts as a great therapy session for the both of us, lmao. I'm actually really glad we started this and hope we can both hold out until at least the end of the 10 generations. 🤞I really enjoy the creative freedom & expression it gives...
  6. Miko

    Final Fantasy XVI General Discussion Thread

    I'm only about 5 hours into the game, but so far I don't think it's so terrible - and not nearly as terrible as I was anticipating. I wouldn't consider it ruined by any means, at least not yet. I don't think it sings the same tune as some of the golden FF's that we grew up with, but I'm not...
  7. Miko

    [V2] What are you currently playing?

    Grabbed some Sims packs on sale to start a Not So Berry challenge run & hoping to possibly snag a few extras if the stars align! Otherwise it's just been Pokemon Go lmao. I did get two shiny pokemon recently nearly back to back though so that's nice! I'm still sad Crisis Core is over, hard to...
  8. Miko

    [V7] What are you currently listening to?

  9. Miko

    [V7] What are you currently listening to?

    And if we start to fall in love in the dark In the sunrise we part, that time we had was gold
  10. 2023 FF Trivia: April Fools Edition Event Banner

    2023 FF Trivia: April Fools Edition Event Banner

  11. 2023 FF Trivia: Royal Edition Event Banner

    2023 FF Trivia: Royal Edition Event Banner

  12. Miko

    [V2] What are you currently playing?

    Nearing the end of Crisis Core.. finally. It's been forever since I've last played it and honestly I'm really enjoying myself. Can't say exactly when it was the last time I played this game but I wanna say it was back when it came out initially. Crisis Core and Valkyrie Profile are the only real...
  13. Miko

    Game Director on the Rumours of Basch being the main protagonist...

    I played this game finally for the first time this year & wasn't aware of the rumors to be honest, or really anything else about this game. To me it feels like there is no main lead, but not in the same way FFVI did it. I don't know if Basch's tragedy of being the disgraced knight would be as...
  14. Miko

    The Epic FFVII Medley

    Bumped to appropriate section.
  15. Miko

    [V7] What are you currently listening to?

    Hope you remember my love Remember my name Put a message in the post I hope you get it by May Lock my past in the basement I've found your perfect replacement lmaaaaooo this music video always cracks me up
  16. FFFLandia


    Some of the screenshots of the different FFFLandia concepts built by members from the FFFLandia PS4 Minecraft group.
  17. FFFLandia Early Concept

    FFFLandia Early Concept

    Shaissa's early concept drawing of the fabled FFFLandia
  18. Miko

    What exactly is a Supersoft?

    Was looking up something earlier today in the FF Wiki on Baku and managed to hop over to Ruby's page. Was reading about the Superslick and saw the bottom description.:tearjoy: Is this also a Supersoft?! Because if so lmao, poor . The team abandons Ruby in Alexandria at the begining of the...
  19. Miko

    Favourite Alcohol

    Recently started making margaritas at home, but don't know much about tequila. Just bought some Jose Cuervo and went with that and it's been pretty good. Was on a kick with Whiskey Sours for a while but started to get tired of them. Recently tried it with egg whites and can honestly say I am...
  20. Miko

    What did you last buy

    Water heater & chimney stuff for the nice low price of $2200. Don't mind me if you see my Go Fund Me pop up sometime soon.