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    Playstation PS2 Top 5 List

    1. Final fantasy XII 2. God Of War 2 3. Ultimate Spider Man 4. NFS MW 5. Colossus
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    Is there a Final Fantasy XIII Novel?

    Haha, There making a FFVII Movie you know.
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    The best Worse game ever and the worst Best game ever.

    Black ops :/ I played it for months on end but constantly complained about it, until I eventually sold it which I haven't regret one bit.
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    [V5] What are you currently listening to?

    Hoodie Allen - You're Not a Robot God Damn it's a good song <3
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    [V5] What are you currently listening to?

    e-Dubble - Let Me Oh Great song old but still great
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    Did NOBODY ask about Dajh?

    To be honest I think that Sazh's story should've been the main story and Sazh the main character after all I think that we all agree that his story is alot better than Lightnings and would've been a better game to play. I mean losing your son is alot worse than losing your sister. Dont you...
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    FFXIII - Worth Getting?

    Personally I think it's worth getting for a wide variation of gamers, it has alot of great features about but the story is absolutely brilliant, any gamer who enjoys a good long deep hearted story should buy this! Not to mentions the graphics & scenery, Square Enix did a fantastic job with the...
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    FFXIII: Love It or Hate It?

    I absolutely loved, I mean yeh it had its Ups & Downs, but doesnt every game! I loved it mainly because of the story line and the scenery together they made up for a fantastic game that I will never forget!
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    FF13 Questionaire

    1 – Storyline development 4 The story was great but it seemed a little patchy in some places. 2 – Graphics 4 Graphics is one thing you cannot complain about on this game Square Enix did a great job on the graphics in this Title 3 – Dialogue 4 Vanilles Voice end of. 4 – Entertainment 5 I...
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    Is there a Final Fantasy XIII Novel?

    Hey guys just wondering if any of you knew whether or not there is a novel for XIII. If there is would you please post a link or message me on where I can purchase it. Thanks# -Laquaza
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    Official Final Fantasy XIII Member Review Thread!

    Ok I haven't played many FF but of the ones I have FFXIII was definitely the best, it was certainly one of the best games I have ever played. The characters were all great and the storyline although a bit patchy in some places was on a whole pretty amazing, I liked the new Battle system but...
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    What was the last Trophy/Achievement you earned?

    Final Fantasy XIII Instrument of Change Witnessed the dawn of a new crystal legend (Complete the game)
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    Which Console(s)/Handheld(s) Do You Own?

    I mainly Play on PS3 & Xbox 360 now, but over the years I've played on PS1, PS2, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, DS Lite, And thats about it I played PC now and again but never for long. I think PS4 will be the biggest step up in gaming industry. for a long time!
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    FFXIII XIII on PS3 or 360?

    PS3, I have it for both and the game seems to run a hell of alot smoother & Sharper on the PS3. I think IGN did a comparison on youtube & they stated that if you want to get everything out of the game then go for the PS3!
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    Shace, do you have PS3 or 360? Inbox me your PSN and/or Gamertag and I'll add you :)

    Shace, do you have PS3 or 360? Inbox me your PSN and/or Gamertag and I'll add you :)
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    Which Final Fantasy XIII (13)/ Final Fantasy XIII-2 (13-2) Character Would you Marry and Why?

    Lightning or Fang, because of how down to earth they are, Not to mention how sexy they both are :O But If I had to pick I think I'd pick Fang, Lightning just seems to... serious? I mean she barely smiles and when she does shes either just killed something or about to kill something, but she's...
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    Anyone ever shed a tear over a Video Game?

    I think the only reason I shed a tear was because of Dajh and how happy Sazh is to finally see his son again, I mean he'd been waiting the entire game to see his son again. And the way Square enix set out the last 10 minutes or so was staggering. I mean it must have been one of the best...
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    Anyone ever shed a tear over a Video Game?

    Hmmm, Yeah XIII Seemed like a movie towards the end, I honestly think it would make a great film. Anyway that's off topic a little. I think a lot of people cried when Dom died on Gears of War 3 :/ which is understandable.
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    FFXIII-2 Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Worth Getting?

    I've just finished XIII, and it was if not the then one of the best games I have ever played. I am definitely buying XIII-2 and will try to get it complete before XIV is launched. Thanks for all the posts guys, you really helped me decide whether on not to buy it. :)