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  1. Rebellion

    What did you last buy

    Destiny 2 Limited Edition, so far I am having a lot more fun on it than I initially expected. Liking all the extra stuff in the worlds to do.
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    Happy belated birthday to the first friendly face I met when I joined here :) I really hope you had a great Birthday.
  3. Rebellion

    How old were you when you started playing Kingdom Hearts?

    I was 12, I remember seeing a trailer for Kingdom Hearts on a PS2 demo disk and was intrigued by it. Then one of my brothers friends came over our house with his PS2 and a copy of Kingdom Hearts. Was hooked since.
  4. Rebellion

    FFIX: What would you change?

    The things I would like to see change: - Removal of the ATB bar and use the turn system from FFX where the agility stat determines the order of turns. This should help speed up battles. - Allow for Trance to be manually triggered by command, similar to Overdrive from FFX. - Replace Quina with...
  5. Rebellion

    Fan Art My FF IX Fan art

    These are amazing, as a huge FFIX fan it is great seeing people make great art for the game.
  6. Rebellion

    What games are you playing right now besides ff?

    Yeah, I was disappointed with it too initially, glad to say the previous two expansions have made the game much more improved. I think the fact that the Destiny 2 reveal trailer even told you that everything is lost from The Tower was intentionally added in to make it clear that nothing from...
  7. Rebellion

    What games are you playing right now besides ff?

    I am well aware, it is something I am not devoting all of my gaming time to. I am only spending a bit of time here and there on it whenever a group of friends are online. The main chunk of my gaming time is spent on Persona 5.
  8. Rebellion

    What games are you playing right now besides ff?

    I am still playing a lot of Persona 5, making good progress on my first playthrough. Currently finishing up the 5th Palace, team is around level 42. Still need to max out all my social stats, but I am almost there now with that. Also I have recently been playing a bit of Destiny with some...
  9. Rebellion

    What games are you playing right now besides ff?

    I have been dedicating my time to Persona 5, I just can't put it down.
  10. Rebellion

    Fan Art my sketches!

    These are utterly amazing, you are so talented. I think I could have all the time in the world and I still would never do better than that Noctis doodle you said took you 5 minutes xP Seriously though, Kudos to you!
  11. Rebellion

    Your Favourite Character And Why?

    I would say my favorite character in Final Fantasy IX is Vivi, particularly because I really felt bad for him not really understanding his own origins and not really knowing where home was. I am glad he was able to find happiness in the end. Also his character design was really well done and...
  12. Rebellion

    Nintendo Nintendo Switch Revealed

    Nintendo’s next video game console will be called the Nintendo Switch, the company announced yesterday. The system, which was known by the code name "NX" until now, is scheduled to be released in March 2017, confirming the window Nintendo previously gave. The Nintendo Switch will be a...
  13. Rebellion

    Playstation Uncharted 4 multiplayer with FFF

    I enjoy playing a bit of UC4 MP every now and then, haven't been on it for a while since I have been busy with other games. I would like to try out the co-op missions though. If anyone feels like adding me up so we can give this a try sometime feel free :) PSN: tidus007
  14. Rebellion


    Hey Mina, Welcome to FFF. I am also a huge FFVII fan (I guess most of us are). I hope you enjoy your stay here, and you are right when you say this place has a lot to offer. I am fairly new myself and I am really enjoying my time here.
  15. Rebellion

    How Old Were You...

    I was 7 when I played my first Final Fantasy game, it was Final Fantasy VII. My older brother borrowed Final Fantasy VII from one of his friends and he really couldn't get into it, the game was just sitting on the shelf for about a week so I decided to give it a go. At that point I remember...
  16. Rebellion

    Which FF games have you completed? Most played FF game/Which FF game you plan to complete next?

    Final Fantasy VI - One time Final Fantasy VII - Three times Final Fantasy VIII - Two times Final Fantasy IX - Six times Final Fantasy X - Four times Final Fantasy XII - One time Final Fantasy XIII - One time Final Fantasy XIII-2 - One time Think I am going to take a break from Final Fantasy...
  17. Rebellion

    Kingsglaive Luna VS FFXV Luna

    I think I prefer the game Luna over the movie Luna, but it was a tough decision to be honest because both character models look amazing.
  18. Rebellion

    Hello everbody.

    Hey man, Welcome to FFF! I only just joined here recently too so it's nice to see more new members joining, hope you enjoy it here.
  19. Rebellion

    I know a few people that are into the .hack// series although I have played any of them myself...

    I know a few people that are into the .hack// series although I have played any of them myself, I should give t a try real soon though since I have only ever heard good things about the series. I own Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita and I really need to play through it since I am interested in...
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    FFF Member Location List

    U.S. California: Mitsuki Louisiana: Sice Michigan: Shace Mississippi: Shu Nevada: Hayabusa Pennsylvania: Soulcorruptor Puerto Rico: Lord Sesshomaru Illinois: Bucky Barnes Utah: Rowe Alabama: Verum Vitae Nebraska: SolidKeith IRELAND Co. Kildare: Galadín Co. Dublin: Paddy McGee U.K Wales...