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    Games everyone loves, except for you

    You know, I really liked Call of Duty 4's single player and Multiplayer. However at this point in the series with Modern Warfare 3; the series is quite literally bled out and dead to me. MW2 would've been DECENT if they took out the bull crap perks, the death streak system, not completely NEUTER...
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    (Sign Up + Discussion) Final Fantasy VII - AVALANCHE Coalition

    Midgar, or New Midgar. Their urban development and fuel industries eventually spark their ownership in New Midgar's electricity and then their own police and military force again, creating jobs and homes with power to thousands of people. For twenty years ShinRa aids Gaia's restoration of...
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    Hiya ^_^

    Its IP off of ACF. Welcome to FFF. :monster:
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Shen. :monster: *gives a complimentary love bite*
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    1) Is Chain of Memories relavant? 2) Why do Sora and Co. not know about the Org when they have fought a member? 3) Why did Namine have to take him apart? 4) WTF happened with the five already dead members?? 5) Why is it so necessary that the Org are stopped? 6) When Kairi/Sora were restored to...
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    [Gmod] How Aeris REALLY died

    Not to be mean [ to Aerith fans, hell i'm one myself ] this is obviously just for a little bit of humor. If you really don't like it, you shouldn't have looked into the thread. Oh and dude... The GMan's look is priceless. xD Not too shabby really. EDIT - Hey guys, have you ever thought maybe...
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    Happy Birtthday to FFF's First Mage

    No, I was actually the first mage in the original RPG. Since everyone went with brute strength I went with mystic knowledge. And thanks guys. :monster:
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    Attention All RPG Players!

    All I can really remember is that my character was level 8. I haven't been playing for the last two weeks. Busy with work and stuff.
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    Username Change Thread

    Erg.. I normally wouldn't ask but would anyone mind changing my name back to Unforgiven? Thanks muchly.
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    The game has been taken offline

    That's why I was a battlemage... especially in the beginning. xD
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    The game has been taken offline

    Well, thanks for the heads up. Means I can own again as the Sage once more. xD
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    FFF High School (~RP~)

    Toukleth was right outside of the school, late as per usual. He took a few steps then had a curious smile on his face arise. Deciding he wanted to make a little noise, he kicked the front door as hard as he could. The door smashed into the wall. Glass shattering into million peices. Two teachers...
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    FFF High School (~Sign Ups~)

    Name: Toukleth Blood Age: 18 Gender: Male Alignment: Neutral Height: 5'7" Weight: 169lbs Eye Color: Light Hazel Hair Color: Dark Brown Personality______ Toukleth is someone who seems to be open at times, however the more you know about him the less you really do know. He's known to hardly...
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    Poetry My End

    [ Erase ] Every time I try to breathe in fresh air, It feels to that of knives cutting deep, Every time I try to let myself heal, It feels to that of blood letting lose, The drum beats in silence, Ignoring the pleas of the dark, Revealing the truest part of the past, My destructive self...
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    Staffing changes!

    Congrats everyone, glad to see some actual mild mannered people on staff.
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    Poetry My End

    [ Bondage ] Rip my chains apart, Free me from the dark, Rip my chains apart, Acknowledge my name, Shout out, Scream it, Show me passion, Tear the bandages away, Drench me in the light, Tear the bandages away, Shield me from the pain, Relieve me of my agony, Satan reveals his face to me once...
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    Poetry My End

    [ Angel Wings ] Who is to say that my colors won't fade, What does it mean to stay away, When can I stand up to face them, Why do I do the same things over again, There's no serenity in a death, There's no serenity in a black rose, Who is the one that creates all the agony, What action will...
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    Good Girl or a Bad girl?

    You're a heshe?! :o
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    Seclusion RP (Revamped)

    He kept on his toes, as the fog became thicker. Thick as pea soup, many would say. Although, sometimes people were stupid enough to actually try to get a knife to cut through the fog. None the less, his visibility didn't get any better. It seemed the Ranger knew where he was going however...