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  1. ~Griever~

    Yeah it can be a chore to keep up with at times. With the amount of decent games being released...

    Yeah it can be a chore to keep up with at times. With the amount of decent games being released this month I think we'll all be hard pressed to visit Eorzea :\
  2. ~Griever~

    PC VS Console

    PC is better in regards to everything except if you want to play from your sofa. Can't think of anything that the consoles excel at; except perhaps exclusives, but even then...
  3. ~Griever~

    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Best virtual fishing music ever created.
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    Muay Thai is one of the most rewarding martial arts I've ever trained in as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I'd definitely recommend it as long as you can find a good gym full of disciplined/helpful members.
  5. ~Griever~

    Latest gameplay footage with English Subtitles

    So this was uploaded last week and a lot of you may already have seen it. Graphically, it looks extremely impressive; as do the character animations/enemy animations etc. I'm wondering how quests or story advancement will take place within an open world FF. In most open world games you either...
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    [V1] What are you currently playing?

    Wow. Dunno if it's just rose tinted glasses but the soundtracks from the PS1/PS2 era of games are phenomenal. So many great RPG's with must-have soundtracks. I've just picked up Assassins Creed for the PS4 so that's top of my 'to play' list. I've played about an hour so far and up to now it...
  7. ~Griever~

    Favorite Starting City-States

    Definitely Ul'Dah for me. I think it has the best structure, best atmosphere, best music and it just feels like home; though that's probably because it was my starting city in the first place. Limsa and Gridania both have things I like and I actually prefer some of the classes you can obtain...
  8. ~Griever~

    Tech Teaching myself web design and programming?

    I've been using It's pretty cool and intuitive. I'm a beginner in programming so I'm not sure if the information on the site is purely comprehensive or whether it has some more in depth lessons to teach. I'd recommend it for beginners though as it has a really user friendly...
  9. ~Griever~

    Anyone here experience ASMR? (aka Head tingles)

    Yeah I get this. Soft spoken teachers used to induce it when I was in primary school haha. I thought everyone got head tingles from time to time.
  10. ~Griever~

    [Shaming Tactics] Look at this sexist written by a woman who is attempting to shame men

    Barely read anything by the BBC. Articles like this remind me why. It's more the title than anything.
  11. ~Griever~

    [11/06] Final Fantasy Versus XIII confirmed as Final Fantasy XV

    Interesting explanation. It makes me wonder what changes Square will have made to Versus/XV in terms of narrative. Unless nothing needed changing as it was 'Versus' and opposed thematically as you mentioned. Though if they are drawing on a particular mythos for their narrative ideas then it may...
  12. ~Griever~

    [11/06] Final Fantasy Versus XIII confirmed as Final Fantasy XV

    To get the thread back on topic I'll pose a question regarding the name. Is anyone else wondering why XV was going to be 'Versus XIII' anyway? The universe of XIII, XIII-2 and what I've seen of Lightning Returns look starkly different to the one portrayed within earlier Versus trailers, and very...
  13. ~Griever~

    [11/06] Final Fantasy Versus XIII confirmed as Final Fantasy XV

    Nah, I don't care about Tidus's looks from an aesthetic/superficial standpoint. As I mentioned it's because we shared a journey with Tidus and got to know him as a character; so now that he has a different face it's slightly jarring. All I know about Stella is that she meets Noctis at a party...
  14. ~Griever~

    [11/06] Final Fantasy Versus XIII confirmed as Final Fantasy XV

    The aesthetic differences are only superficial differences at this point. It's not as if we know the characters and their histories/personalities. There is a definite difference for sure, but it's hardly important at this stage. I was more vexed at Tidus's face in the HD remake. Not sure...
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    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    This is a great song for any metal/metalcore/post hardcore folks.
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    How much attention do you pay to your skin?

    Daily shower. Occasional moisturiser if it feels tight. That's pretty much it. I used to get bad acne when I was in my teens and eating chocolate all day, but now that I work out/eat better it's clear most of the time. I'm more worried about my hair; all the men in my family are bald. It's...
  17. ~Griever~

    Most Under-rated/Over-rated FF game?

    Underrated - FF IX Just judging from personal experience/conversations I've had. This game barely gets mentioned and when it does it's with a kind of disdainful, indifference. The poor game deserves more in my opinion. Very charming and quaint title with lots of soul. Overrated - FF XIII I...
  18. ~Griever~

    [11/06] Final Fantasy Versus XIII confirmed as Final Fantasy XV

    Yeah it certainly looks impressive visually. You can tell the developers are trying to create an 'Advent Children' battle style. The way Noctis has his different weapons semi-transparently hovering around him looks awesome. I liked how he could 'teleport' with one of his swords too. Big...
  19. ~Griever~

    Ever Get Bored of Final Fantasy?

    I think I'm just a Sakaguchi fanboy. When he left Squaresoft I stopped enjoying FF games as much. I didn't start playing until 6, so for me FF has always been part beautiful, epic story and part level grinding, amassing equipment etc. Sakaguchi was a master storyteller imo, so I didn't mind...
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    [11/06] Final Fantasy Versus XIII confirmed as Final Fantasy XV

    The whole appearance of the game kinda reminds me of Nolan's Batman reboot where he made the world of Batman far more familiar/believable. The slogan "Fantasy based on reality" is particularly interesting. I'm assuming we saw Leviathan in the trailer too. It reminded me of a God Of War set...