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  1. Master Cat

    ... I actually sat here and watched the whole thing. xD

    ... I actually sat here and watched the whole thing. xD
  2. Master Cat

    :chocobo: Happy Birthday!! :chocobo: (even though you're mean to me sometimes... :p )

    :chocobo: Happy Birthday!! :chocobo: (even though you're mean to me sometimes... :p )
  3. Master Cat

    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Daphne Loves Derby - "Simple, Starving To Be Safe" *Finally got the video to post. Anyway, I absolutely love this song. The message is so sincere and gentle. I'd love to have a guy serenade me with it one day... :ari:
  4. Master Cat

    [Birthweek] SOTW 130: Voting

    Great job this week everyone!! This was a tough decision. I would've voted on all of them if I could :D #1 - This is a great piece! Very eye-capturing. I love the art style of the cactuar render. It's very funky! I'm not sure how much of the design is from the original artwork or from...
  5. Master Cat

    [Birthweek 2015] P.O.S.T.

    purchased! Post Count: 659 :chocobo:
  6. Master Cat

    [Birthweek] SOTW 129: Voting

    Great theme this week! This was a tough one 'cause I love me some Noel! xD I went with #2 Cloud because I like the render, background, effects, and color scheme. They meshed well together. The background looks like it could've been in the original FFVII game. Not sure if it's from Advent...
  7. Master Cat

    Fan Art my sketches!

    You've got some impressive sketch work! The Irvine one is also one of my favorites out of the bunch; I like the simplicity of it. The coloring in the first sketch of Cloud is very good as well. You have a nice technique and style! You just got another IG follower :chocobo:
  8. Master Cat

    SOTW 127 Voting

    Yeah, I voted for #1 as well. All of the submissions were great this week. That one just happened to catch my eye more than once. :p Nice job everyone! ^__^
  9. Master Cat

    SOTW 121 Voting

    #2 GMV. As much as I like looking at Noctis' face, I like the ambiguity of the 2nd one. It looks more "badass" and cool that way. While I like both of the renders used (and the color scheme in the 1st one is pretty awesome!), the 2nd sig seems to have more definition - I like the effects...
  10. Master Cat

    [20/03] Concept art for next Final Fantasy Type- game shown at Hong Kong Playstation event

    A setting in the Sengoku era would be pretty interesting. Somewhat of a more "realistic" approach than creating a fantasy world as is the case with most Final Fantasy games... oh wait. >.> I guess with XIII LR, XV and Type-0 they're introducing more realism with doses of fantasy. Obviously...
  11. Master Cat

    Thoughts on the demo?

    Let me start off by saying that I wasn't expecting to play the demo at all (considering I didn't have a PS4 until release day for Type-0). Yes, I bit the bullet and decided that Type-0 would be worth me picking up the PS4 finally. I would be lying to say that I wasn't more curious at how the XV...
  12. Master Cat

    Achievement of the day

    I went back to the gym today after a 2 week break and I... feel sleepy... :yawn: ...I mean great! :ahmed:
  13. Master Cat

    [01/02] FFXV at Taipei Game Show: Cat cam and new train station area

    I say keep all of the cats!! The catcam was a very cute way to showcase different parts of the very common and ordinary looking station. I'm sure they'll find a way to make it look a little extra special and unique post-development, although this game is supposed to be based in realism, so...
  14. Master Cat

    Happy Birthday LJ!

    :chocobo: Happy Birthday, LJ!! :chocobo: Hope you have a great one! :yay:
  15. Master Cat

    SOTW 108 Voting.

    Oo, fun theme! And another sleuth of great work! It's between 1 and 4 for me. I'm going with 1 because although I'm not crazy about the yellow color, it actually works very well here! Also love the clever use of text and the heart, lol. 2 was an interesting piece and I like the concept, but...
  16. Master Cat

    Happy Birthday Kira!

    :chocobo: Happy Birthday, Kira! :chocobo: Even though you don't like cake or cookies... >.> If you get apple pie, you gotta get it ala mode though! To make it extra special and awesome. Just like you. :yay:
  17. Master Cat

    SOTW 107 Voting.

    Oh boy, such a tough one! Great work everyone! :D #1 - On the surface, this may look like the simplest design out of the bunch, but it's packed with tons of detail. The faded look and effects are quite nice albeit understated - meaning the graphics don't "pop up" at the viewer; not a bad...
  18. Master Cat

    Happy Birthday Tofu!

    :chocobo: Happy Birthday, Tofu! :chocobo: I hope your day is splendid. :sir: ...and the obligatory ferret birthday pic.
  19. Master Cat

    Secret Santa Compendium Thread of Holly Jolly Doom (2014 Edition)

    I thought my Secret Santa sounded like Gal, but I can't be too sure. Maybe Exoskeleton or Oli?
  20. Master Cat

    Happy Holiday!

    Happy Holidays && Merry Christmas everyone! :yay: P.S. Love that FF picture (OP)! Tidus would totally be the drunk one at a holiday party, lol.