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  1. Shaissa

    SPOILERS [FF VIIR] Ending thoughts and feelings overall about particular things

    So this has to do with the overall game soooo spoilers ahead for all of part 1! Not putting anything in spoilers final warning! This mainly is to discuss what the Whispers are and what everyone in the game sees them as. So my first thoughts of the game are we should not expect to...
  2. Shaissa

    Square Enix Favorite Square-Enix Franchise?

    I think we all know that Square-Enix has many games and franchises outside of Final Fantasy, the next biggest one being Dragon Quest, You also have Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Front Mission, Tomb Raider, Hitman... the list goes on and on.. so is Final Fantasy your favorite franchise or is there...
  3. Shaissa

    Square Enix Favorite Dragon Quest game (main title)

    We all know that Final Fantasy is Squares prize possession, but the other grand jewel in their library of RPGs is Dragon Quest, Have you played the games before and do you have a favorite, if so which one is your favorite and why? For me I haven't played them all (VI-IX) out of those I have to...
  4. Shaissa

    Do you consider video game music a genre of its own?

    So I was asked recently what type of music I listen to, and I basically named a bunch of game music I listen to because mainly when I go on pandora I just listen to video game music. I got told that it wasn't music and I argued it should be its own genre of music. I wonder if others feel that...
  5. Shaissa

    I think I have found the true reason why I can't stand this game...

    For a few years now I have stated out of all the games in the main franchise, this one has been one of the worst for me. I couldn't really figure out why, I find the first two disks to be overall enjoyable, so I know it isn't the GF system that they use, or the drawing of magic that drags the...
  6. Shaissa

    Happy New Year

    I hope that everyones 2017 will be great and wonderful! Happy new years! Hopefully see you all next year! (Aka tomorrow)
  7. Shaissa

    Yet another birthday thread...

    Yep it is another birthday thread for Cofu He is yet another year older and another year.... well.. maybe not wiser.... But we shall all do our part and wish this man a happy birthday filled with wonderful meme's and shots of alcohol...or pics of cats...he really likes that!
  8. Shaissa

    Happy holidays!

    Dear Final Fantasy Forum. I want everyone to have wonderful holidays and hopefully you're spreading cheers and not humbugs!
  9. Shaissa

    Happy birthday to the green man

    That's right. Our little Cabbage is growing into even a more gross cabbage! In all seriousness I hope it's amazing and filled with all the booze and hawt veggies you could ever want! :elmo:
  10. Shaissa

    Serious need to let out my feelings...

    Sorry for this kind of thread, but I need to let out my feelings before I break down again.. I found out at work (an hour ago now) that one of my old best friends from my childhood just passed away. Finding out at work sucked I just had to walk out..and it is like midnight here so there is no...
  11. Shaissa

    Old rumors that you think could make it into the remake?

    I'm sure if any of you had internet when Final Fantasy VII came out you came across some crazy rumors. From reviving Aerith to getting characters such as Rufus or even Sephiroth on your team (without using a gameshark), to even having more color chocobos to recruit. My question is do you think...
  12. Shaissa

    YouTube Favorite youtube channels?

    After watching Youtube channels for a while, I was wondering what were some of your favorites and what were they about? One of my favorites recently is The Great War channel- This channel covers World War 1 aka The Great War week by week, covering major events and battles, along with adding...
  13. Shaissa

    Do you have the Final Fantasy Disease?

    Source: Kotaku What do you think? Do you have the Disease? Where you can only see one path for Final Fantasy and everything off that path really isn't Final Fantasy? For me I think I have this to a little degree sadly, I like to see Final Fantasy in a certain way, but when I go and play the...
  14. Shaissa

    Should there be a theatrical Final Fantasy movie?

    I have heard some talks from friends who play Final Fantasy who want them to try and do another Theatrical Final Fantasy release, now that movie games are getting big on that (assassins creed, halo I think is getting one, Warcraft, Hitman and so on.) so would you want a theatrical release of a...
  15. Shaissa

    How Important do you think history is?

    One of my college classmates wrote a paper on the falling understanding of history in today's age (basically he questioned people 30 to 18, about 100 people) He asked how important do you think History is on a scale 1-10 and then asked 10 basic US history questions than 5 World history...
  16. Shaissa

    Happy New Years eve/day!

    I hope everyone here has a wonderful and safe new years eve/day! Hope you all are planning your resolutions that you probably will break in two weeks. Hope you got your partner you are going kiss at midnight. I hope that you all have fun and are safe in the year 2016!
  17. Shaissa

    Best of 2015

    Now that we are near the end of the year let us look back at what everyone enjoyed/didn't enjoy the most out of what came out in 2015 and what did the best shall we? Best Video game: I really didn't play that many new games this year so out of the very small list I did play, I have to get this...
  18. Shaissa

    Happy Birthday Cody!

    General Beatrix or Cofu or Tofu or Cody... Happy Day of being an old fart with the rest of us! Remember fighting dinosaurs to get to school? Or when their was only one continent? Really though, happy birthday buddy! :elmo:
  19. Shaissa

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    I hope you naughty people get all the coal you deserve for being naughty all year! :mokken: In all seriousness, hope you all have a wonderful Holiday! :)
  20. Shaissa

    Konami bans Hideo Kojima from video game award ceremony

    Really Konami....... They just keep digging a whole....