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  1. Valvalis

    Squiddy!! <3 How are you? How is your puppy doing?

    Squiddy!! <3 How are you? How is your puppy doing?
  2. Valvalis

    Oh lol, if you're talking about the chocobo race in VII, I had so much trouble with that that I...

    Oh lol, if you're talking about the chocobo race in VII, I had so much trouble with that that I gave up very quickly :lew: Very frustrating minigame, though fun every once in a while. And yeah, I know the ATB system felt so slow for IX, with the comparatively good graphics. It felt almost or...
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    Who's the hottest?

    We do have a thread similar to this :) so... [Threads Merged] Also, I would have to say Celes is really a perfect poster girl for the stereotypical "fantasy story." She has that beautiful flowing hair and soft features, and the sort of "innocent, trapped in an unpleasant world" personality to...
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    Mom injects 8 year old daughter with botox

    I'm sure this does happen more often than we hear about. However, I'm glad that this news story has come out to create more awareness. And if this is considered newsworthy, then at least that means it's probably not grossly widespread as of yet; otherwise no one would care about the story. In...
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    Sleeping With A Blanket

    I can sleep without a blanket at the beach or something, but that's about it, otherwise I would have to have a blanket. I have a hard time falling asleep without my husband to hold onto though, when we had to sleep apart on the night before our wedding it was very difficult :sad:
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    Happy Birthday to the Dayman

    Happy birthday Damon! :yay: Hope you enjoy yourself and get everything you want. (I would plug in Xenosaga and kill Orgulla in your name just for your birthday, but I'm out of time for games lately :sad3:) Have fun! :)
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    (Crap, sorry it took me so long to write back :gonk: How are you?) Haha, I saw your rep from...

    (Crap, sorry it took me so long to write back :gonk: How are you?) Haha, I saw your rep from the Choco thread, thanks XD Yeah, it's kind of an addictive minigame but it can be really frustrating at times, I had to look up some of the locations b/c I just could not find them on my own -__-...
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    Al! :awesome: (Holy crap has it been this long since I talked to you? :gonk: damn :sad3:) How...

    Al! :awesome: (Holy crap has it been this long since I talked to you? :gonk: damn :sad3:) How have you been? Wow, so you finished Ep II, that's awesome! :D It did sort of feel shorter, yeah :hmmm: But it's still my favorite :monocle: The whole Rubedo/Albedo thing is my favorite subplot of...
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    Which Final Fantasy Game Has the Best Storyline?

    For me I tried to separate out actual "storyline" from the way the story is delivered. The newer games all have the great graphics and better translations, so the delivery is more polished and made to be more evocative. However, if all the games were made on PS3, or all on SNES, and I examined...
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    Help Disappearing Continents.. Help?

    [Moved to FFIX Help Booth]
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    Dark Knight vs. Paladin

    Definitely as a paladin, though I'm thinking in terms of the SNES version. Maybe it's just me, but it felt like he suddenly started doing more damage at that point :hmmm: But also, it was amazing to suddenly start seeing him do 4-digit damage to undead :jess: And using elemental swords side...
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    Canadians Cure Cancer - Nobody Cares?

    Yeah, I think it was about 15 or so years ago that some Scandinavian college student found something in human breast milk that cures cancer, but yet no one has bothered to develop it for commercial use. It's sad, but the reason is that people are profiting from cancer, and so they will drag...
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    Why dose everyone like ashe

    I wouldn't say everyone likes her, because honestly she's not my favorite :lew: I could appreciate the concept of her character, but I didn't feel like it was delivered very well. Her overall performance was not all that exciting to me; she didn't have the charisma I would expect from someone...
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    Worst Movies of All Time

    No Country For Old Men was pretty bad, imo. It was uninteresting, and though it pretended it was going to lead somewhere, it never did. I can't stand movies that don't have a satisfying resolution at the end, so this one is definitely on my crap list. Even trying to sit there and...
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    ned hlp final fantasy;!;!;!;! HEEEEEEEEELP

    Since it seems the topic question has been answered... *Thread Closed*
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    I got married

    Congratulations!! :yay: I hope everything worked out exactly how you wanted it to, and best wishes to you and your husband :) Enjoy your honeymoon!
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    why does Sephiroth have no girlfriend?

    This is pretty much what I was thinking, actually :hmmm: I think Sephiroth's commitment to his duties would have made it difficult for him to find room in his life for such personal relationships, and once he became obsessed with Jenova, it would have sealed the deal, I think. I doubt most...
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    Legalize weed in America?

    Honestly I don't know the scale of potency for recreational drugs or alcohol, but I have heard many times that marijuana is healthier for a person than some of the smokes or drinks that are legal, so if that's really true, then I think it's kind of stupid to keep more harmful things legal and...
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    Welcome John, hope you enjoy your stay here :)
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    Lenghty Introduction

    Welcome :D Nice intro, hope you enjoy your stay with us.