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  1. Abstract Debauchery

    Have You Dweebs Ever Been Dweeb Enough to get Art of Your Character Done?

    I'm talkin' commissions. For those of you that don't engage much in RP communities surrounding MMORPGs, you might be surprised to find that RPers tend to get artwork of their characters done. A lot. So much so that it's a bit silly. I've been playing on Balmung since launch as that's where the...
  2. Abstract Debauchery

    I'm somewhat back.

    Figured I'd pop in for a while. Maybe a bit longer than last time. Maybe. How have you guys been? Good? Was looking at the RP section and that shit looks fuckin' dead. What happened? Did you goddamn turbo virgins all get laid and have to stop RPing or something? But you guys know I love you...
  3. Abstract Debauchery

    Who still plays?

    If I recall correctly, a lot of you were on some other server that was inferior to Balmung. With the latest update I got to wondering who all here was still playing. If you are, what are you up to these days? Did any of you manage to make it through Final Coil yet? How about that World of...
  4. Abstract Debauchery

    The Golden Protips of RP

    So I decided I'd pop my head back in on the forums, and as I did I got around to reading particular posts in the RP graveyard forum. Now, these posts were made ages ago by me, and I stand by what I wrote. I don't necessarily like what I've written, but I stand by it because it is something that...
  5. Abstract Debauchery

    PC Ubisoft Screwed Over PC Gamers with Watch_Dogs. Here's Why.

    Remember during E3 2012 when Ubisoft showed Watch_Dogs for the first time? Those graphics were amazing, right! Then as time went on, they showed Watch_Dogs again and it looked... really bad. In terms of graphics, it was a huge downgrade. So much in fact, there was a rather huge controversy over...
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    This about sums it up

  7. Abstract Debauchery

    [22/08] Sleeping Dogs proves that an unlikely champion of modern PC games is… Square Enix?

    Article at Penny Arcade: Honestly, even before reading this article, I'd have to say that Sleeping Dogs is damned good. The gameplay is solid, the graphics great, and the...
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    So... this exists

    Somewhat enjoyable now.
  9. Abstract Debauchery

    [SU/D]Liberation of Tritis

    Liberation of Tritis A Message from the Author: Motherfucker this is a closed RP. PM me if you want in. If I like you enough, I’ll be more than happy to let you in. Don’t spam up my thread with “lulz can I plz join”. No, you fucking can’t. This is going to be a small RP, and I’ll only be...
  10. Abstract Debauchery

    Today I Learned...

    That wiping your ass standing up is not the correct way to wipe your ass. My mind has been blown.
  11. Abstract Debauchery

    [RP]Seekers of Power

    Seekers of Power How long had she been there? She could have sworn that a few days ago someone had told her that she had been there for weeks. The entire concept of time was off now. The only thing she could do was sit in the cold chair she was bound to and think. For the last few hours she...
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    I Feel Old...

  13. Abstract Debauchery

    Forum Downtime Thread

    Forum Downtime Emergency Fuck You Thread Agoraphobic? No life whatsoever? Sad that the site will be down for a little while during the technical admins technically do something technical? Well you've come to the right place. In this thread we share social networking links and shit so we can...
  14. Abstract Debauchery

    [SU/D] Seekers of Power

    Seekers of Power Message from the author: A few things before we begin. I know I said that I wanted to keep this small, and I do. However, if this begins to get popular, I will allow others to join if they so wish. To ensure that things go smoothly, any character not posting regularly...
  15. Abstract Debauchery

    Original I Remember When

    I remember when we were getting drunk around campfires because we had nothing better to do. This was back before things got bad between us all. To be honest, these are the times that I appreciate most. Back before I got paranoid, back before we all became the people we would soon become. Things...
  16. Abstract Debauchery

    I'm Writing a New RP

    I don't want any ideas. However, I would like to know what you guys would want to see in it. All I know is that I'm leaning towards a low fantasy setting. Meaning it's a Fantasy in a contemporary (modern day) setting. The only reason I'm even writing this is because of a lot of complaints that...
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    David Thorne

    My new hero.
  18. Abstract Debauchery

    Red State

    Red State is the last movie that Kevin Smith will ever direct (he will still write movies, however). Odds are most people haven't heard of it because he was self-distributing it for the longest time because of issues with companies. It's a "horror" movie and it's his first time making one...