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  1. Valvalis

    Pepsi develops new plant-based bottle

    Thought this was interesting. It's a great idea, seeing as how once all the petroleum has run out, plastic will be a lot more difficult to come by unless people come up with alternatives like this. Pepsi unveiled a...
  2. Valvalis

    Tech Geminoid DK robot

    Just thought this was really interesting, this is a new robot they've developed in Japan whom they've designed to resemble a human professor named Henrik Scharfe, of Aalborg University in Denmark. It looks so much like a human, it's really hard to tell at first O_O Here's the article on him...
  3. Valvalis

    What if they made an FF theme park?

    Hoping this is in the right section, but anyway... If someone were to make an FF theme park, what should it be like? What attractions, rides, and/or exhibits would you like to see there? What merchandise would you like to be able to buy in the gift shops? Should they make a park that...
  4. Valvalis

    New Arizona bill could allow "secession" from the U.S.?

    PHOENIX -- Arizona lawmakers have just released a new bill, referred to as SB1433, that would allow it to essentially secede from the country without officially doing so. How? By creating a 12-person committee that allows its members to vote by majority for or against...
  5. Valvalis

    Happy birthday Jules Verne! :awesome:

    You were awesome, and I salute you :ryan:
  6. Valvalis

    Large tech companies accused of using "conflict minerals"

    This is a bit old (from December), but I thought it was interesting: ------------------------ "Tech titans including Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and Nintendo have been criticised by a major charity for failing to clean up their supply chains and potentially using so-called 'conflict...
  7. Valvalis

    Jury duty

    I didn't see a thread about this anywhere, so I figured I'd post one. What are everyone's thoughts on jury duty? If you live in a country that has it, have you ever been called for it, or had to serve on a jury? Is it a good system for selecting jurors? Is it fair that it's often...
  8. Valvalis

    Formaldehyde being used in clothing

    I was reading an article today, and I thought this was interesting: Apparently, a lot of the new clothes sold in stores lately that are featured as being "wrinkle-free" or "stain-resistant" are treated with formaldehyde resins to get that way. Formaldehyde, the stuff in which they preserve dead...
  9. Valvalis

    Columbus Day

    So, I was thinking it would be fun to post this on Leif Eiriksson day the countries where it's celebrated, Columbus Day is coming up this Monday, October 11th. It's been an official holiday for quite a while now, with many government offices, schools, and businesses being closed in...
  10. Valvalis

    U.S. government bombs Guam with frozen mice to kill snakes

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so here it is :ffs: : U.S. government bombs Guam with frozen mice to kill snakes Jeremy Hance September 28, 2010 In a spectacularly creative effort to rid Guam of an invasive species, the US Department of Agriculture is planning to 'bomb'...
  11. Valvalis

    New House resolution could potentially lead to war between the U.S. and Iran?

    So I was reading some world news today, and apparently there's a new House of Representatives resolution (H. Res. 1553) that, if passed, would issue a formal statement that the U.S. supports Israel taking military action against Iran "if no other peaceful solution can be found within a...
  12. Valvalis

    New Steak-Scented Billboard Entices Drivers "In addition to car exhaust and road grime, travelers along Highway 150 in North Carolina can now enjoy the smell of a barbecue thanks to a new billboard. The work of ScentAir, which provides...
  13. Valvalis

    PC The Humble Indie Bundle

    My husband found this yesterday, apparently it's a special week-long deal going on where you can buy a bundle of 5 indie PC games for any price you want, and you can have as much of the money as you want go to a charity: The games are World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish...
  14. Valvalis

    Tech Old-school MS-DOS commercial

    Just thought this was amusing: I remember those old 5 1/4" floppy disks xD Anyone else?
  15. Valvalis

    How can anyone enjoy this?

    I was just reading something today that I never knew about that is incredibly disturbing--apparently there is a type of pornography called animal "crush" videos which involves women in high heels stomping small animals to death, including puppies and kittens. In some articles I just read, they...
  16. Valvalis

    Would you ever eat broccoli on a pizza?

    I just had a delicious new pizza this weekend--it was a white pizza with black olives and broccoli, and it was really awesome :D Has anyone else ever tried broccoli on a pizza, or any other unusual toppings? (I know there's another pizza thread out there, but hopefully this is different...
  17. Valvalis

    Earth Day

    It's this Thursday, April 22. Anyone doing anything special? I don't have any specific plans but I was just curious :hmmm:
  18. Valvalis

    Why does this come with a baby?

    around 1:04 :confused: :
  19. Valvalis

    Massive fireball reported across Midwestern sky

    Just thought this was cool. Did anyone live close enough to see this? (I love how the news station had to circle it in red on the replay--I don't think I would've been able to see it otherwise :rolleyes:) There's another short article on it here with a better video, I just can't figure out...
  20. Valvalis

    Tech Robot learns to plug itself in

    I came across this video today and thought it was pretty cool: I dunno, maybe I'm just a geek but I've always been really fascinated by this stuff. Apparently it can also open doors, just like the raptors in Jurassic Park...:hmmm: