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  1. Dean Winchester

    Can't access/view/post to/do anything to my profile when I click ON -> view conversations

    Says I don't have enough privileges. How come I don't have enough user privileges? :wacky: I'm a freaking museum piece in this forum. :kylie: Does this place has a "User Hall of Fame"? Just asking :wacky:
  2. Dean Winchester

    Sup' biatches!

    Here I am posting during my AIT. God this military training is taking forever. I sure hope someone remembers me here xD. So wassa'up biatches! Any new stories, new staff or even new owner? I can't be too active, duty calls so I might go Houdini once in a while. Well see ya around. Anyone near...
  3. Dean Winchester

    Privacy, does it even exists anymore?

    With the dawning of 21st century and with the current boom of technology we've come face to face to globalization. The creation of the social networks as well as the many technological advancements what in past days would have taken ages to deliver information today is simply solved with the...
  4. Dean Winchester

    [S-U/D] Temptations: Deadly Sins

    +I know this is long, you don't have to read it all of it now, you can take your time and I strongly recommend you do. You have till next Wednesday anyway.+ Beta-Storyline 40 Years ago June 8, 1970, Paris, France Young Student: Father Luther, I don't understand. I try to track down the...
  5. Dean Winchester

    Dream Interpretation

    I had this dream in which I was walking into a cemetery. The field was filled with dark green grass with several dirt parchments and puddles scattered all around the place. There were several trees with very little foliage almost withered and dying. I also saw many gravestones, dilapidated some...
  6. Dean Winchester

    Any ideas?

    For where to find a good place to get some levels? I don't want to be stuck in the Mystic Castle forever. :sad3:
  7. Dean Winchester

    [RP]The Unwritten Legend: The Beginning

    The Unwritten Legend Sign Up A malicious presence stalks the once peaceful town of Willowbark. The once beautiful trees of the Charcoal Forest now lay in decay, stripped from their former elegance to be reduced to mere husks, lifeless...not even the sun rays could penetrate through the ominous...
  8. Dean Winchester

    Bump 'em to "Pink"

    I believe the community of FFF unanimously wishes to see our moderators clad in their new shiny pink armor. :mokken: Now they can all go pink, ride unicorns who fart rainbows and provide the much needed lulz this community wants. Then we can take pictures to perpetuate their "glorification"...
  9. Dean Winchester

    The Unwritten Legend

    Summary: List of Members: Albert Wesker (Julius): as himself and Lucius Damon/Mid-Boss: as Leo and as Strike Crimson Wolf as himself and as Sophia Brianna Other: as Zynthreo Setting: All of our worlds combined (medieval-magic land...the hell we'll make it as we progress) Epoch: Medieval...
  10. Dean Winchester

    Supernatural Avatar/Sig Request

    I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to make a Supernatural Set for me? The theme for the set should revolve around Sam "Lucifer" Winchester, preferably when he is wearing his white suit during the episode "The End". The colour scheme, something smooth that goes with gray (my spell...
  11. Dean Winchester

    Hey guys...

    I might be offline for a few days (hopefully not more than two weeks) becausr Ia have a situation I must solve as soon as possible. In the RPs that might be affected for this... sorry but could my caharacters just tag along until then? Feel free to use them but I want to find them in one piece...
  12. Dean Winchester


    Can I have my precious blue rep box back? -__- Please :sad3: I promise not to make any more jokes around your controversial name. :monster:
  13. Dean Winchester


    Can you give me back my name please since stupid site won't let me change it to the one I want? :neomon: I don't remember who I asked to keep it safe for me during either a theme or something, but I want eet back. :mokken: I was Cole Turner :humph: But I want to be simply "Cole" this time...
  14. Dean Winchester

    RPG Inferno Auto Battle Prun Settings

    Could someone please help me make my battles last longer by reverting the autoprune settings for battles to what it was weeks ago? Having to go through some tedious long battles of attacking once and not attacking after seven, if not eight turns, is something bearable. Seeing monsters that have...
  15. Dean Winchester

    RPG Inferno Profiles

    "Lackey of Pride" Username: Cole Turner RPG Name: Belthazor Class: Legionnaire Weapon of Choice: Sword and Shield/Large Axe/Zweihanders Background:A renegade half demon-half human warrior who has forsaken all his origins. He now searches for the answers of his birth, and the destiny that might...
  16. Dean Winchester

    I have this unyielding urge to...

    Call out the name of one of most loved admins... He surfs 30 feet tall waves... He fell of an airplane and survived... He accidently shot his own breakfast... And he is suspected to be the origin of the world "MOM" Who it is?:kelly: It's BUSTAMOM! Sorry man, I just couldn't resist to call...
  17. Dean Winchester


    In case it didn't's the awesome link: :awesome:
  18. Dean Winchester

    Thomson Gateway

    Does anyone here knows where do I find the option to update the router's firmware?
  19. Dean Winchester

    Problems with NAT Type: Strict

    Yes, as you may know, the NAT Type: Strict is a much like a huge pain in the rear if you wish to fully enjoy online games such as Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, and other online multiplayer games. Not only it limits the amount of games you can join, but also adds the problems of poor headset...
  20. Dean Winchester

    Charmed- Broken Bonds

    After months of near no role playing for me I decided that I should go back and start practicing again. However, I could not find the motivation nor the time to write another character and I didn't wanted to play my old ones. So after a few hours of pondering on the idea, I decided to bring it...