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    Staff Promotion Global Moderator Promotion: Miko

    Grats. Well deserved etc.... Seriously though Congratulations Miko. You are a joy to have in this community and you take everything in stride. You were one of the first people I met when I came back and you couldn't have been more welcoming (also it's nice to have another midwestern around)...
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    Christmas M&M's Jar 2020

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    Christmas M&M's Jar 2020

    450. This is a very scientific estimate made with math. Totally not a number I got out of a random number generator.
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    I'm back!

    Hey all! My name is Cloudy, Its been a very long time since I have been on here, much less posted (not since 2012). I had been thinking about this place lately, and things have finally settled down enough that I decided to check back in. Everything looks crazy different now! I recognize some...
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    Official FFXIV Player List

    It seems im the only one on Brynhildr :( That makes me sad :( anyway name is Cloudy Ace, job is dragoon, and im on Brynhildr although im a bit tired of it being so dead :hmmm: i may either transfer servers or start a new character :hmmm:
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    As a college student I have become addicted to a number of things! Chex mix, pretzels, late night pizza, and of course the salvation of human existance; sleep!!!!! :P
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    [V3] What's Your Mood?

    Mood: terrible reason: i just found out some absolutely terrible news, my girlfriend might be pregnant. Therefore i feel like utter shit.....-__- Nothing is for sure yet however. I hope to god she is over reacting though.
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    Anyone here playing this game right now? If so, why?

    Oh what irony! The other day I was looking through my PSP because I was bored, and I found VIII on it, then I decided to play through it again lulz. In my game right now, I just to Timber (which makes me think of trees falling lol)!
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    [V3] What's Your Mood?

    Mood: EXTREMELY happy Reason: I'm done with high school!!! Today was my last day, and graduation is next week! I can't wait!!!!!!!!:yay:
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    Achievement of the day

    I had my last day of high school today! On top of that I think i gPassed my spainsh final! :yay:
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    [V3] What's Your Mood?

    Mood: exausted Reason: Ive been so busy lately its not funny. Ive been hammered with loads of school work, and along with other things, it is taking up all my time:rage: I am so ready to graduate in May:grin:
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    What's Crackin!

    Welcome to the Forums! Hope you enjoy it here :monster:
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    Kinda new, sorta, I suppose.

    Welcome back! Hope you stick around :monster:
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    Its basically a way of people rating the quality of your posts. The higher, the better. The fact...

    Its basically a way of people rating the quality of your posts. The higher, the better. The fact that yours is so high in a short amount of time suggests that many people like your posts. Thats the general idea anyway:hmmm:
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    Wow. You have more posts in 5 days than I had in 4 months lol. :D Not only that nut you have a...

    Wow. You have more posts in 5 days than I had in 4 months lol. :D Not only that nut you have a massive amount of rep to ^_^ Good to see you so active:grin:
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    The Shadow Crawler Strikes~

    Welcome to the forum Shadow. Hope you enjoy it here:elmo:
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    Cloister of Trials really necessary?

    Were they necessary? Probably not, however they added a puzzle aspect to the game that I quite enjoyed. Not only that, but you got some pretty damn good, free items:grin:
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    Contacts or Glasses?

    Contacts. Glasses get all smuged up and can get broken. While some contacts may dry out, others do not. However, it is easy to lose a contact if you arent careful.
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    What pissed you off today?

    Even though today was overal a good day, one thing constantly pissed me off: People making out in the middle of the fucking hallway! There were so many it was stupid! Not to mention its nasty:hmph: if you are going to do it, for gods sake do it where no one can see you and you are not blocking...
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    What did you last buy

    I last bought Arc Rise Fantasia for the Wii. Its so-so, however I got bored of it quickly. I may take it back soon for the 3rd Birthday:hmmm: