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  1. Ayen

    YouTube FFF Member YouTube Channels

    I currently go by "TJ's Reviews" on YouTube and make review and let's play videos of older games not too many people have heard of, as well as popular games like Mario. TJ's Reviews YouTube Channel I also plan to branch out into movies and television at some point as well.
  2. Ayen

    [V2] What are you currently playing?

    I've been playing Spyro the Dragon the past week. First time I picked it up in over a decade so I thought I was long overdue.
  3. Ayen

    Why all the hate?

    FFXII is a game that some people had to play twice to even become a fan of. First time I played it, I enjoyed the whole opening segment, got to Vaan and lost all interest. Second time? I stuck with it longer and found myself enjoying it more. I like all the ways it's different and the battle...
  4. Ayen

    Naming Characters

    I normally name Zidane after myself, and give Garnet a better alias than Dagger. Last time I played through the game I named her after a friend of mine and she was so happy since Garnet was her favorite character.
  5. Ayen

    How many times have you beaten IX?

    None. Not proud to say it, but as much as I love the series, JRPGs have never been my best genre. I normally lose patience with them after a while.
  6. Ayen

    The Place of IX in the Final Fantasy series.

    I didn't truly appreciate Final Fantasy IX until I went back to the older titles and played them. I was introduced to the series through VII like a lot of people, and played VIII immediately afterwards. So by the time I got to IX a lot of the charm and throwbacks were lost on me. I played...
  7. Ayen

    Spin offs I would like to see.

    Well, my ideas aren't nearly as clever or well thought out, but I always wanted a beat 'em up starring Tifa and a hack and slash with either Squall or Lightning because I think there are a lot of good combo opportunities one can create with the gunblade weapon.
  8. Ayen

    Nintendo Ace Attorney HD remake trilogy?

    Don't know. I'm not sure how big the series is next to their other IPs, or if fans are even demanding something like this. Something tells me if they moved too much from visual novels more hardcore fans would take issue with it, but that pretty much happens with every game series that tries...
  9. Ayen

    how would you feel if this happened to you?

    I would be super pissed and feel like crap to be honest. Good question. Never really thought about it this way. I mean, people should still be allowed to state their thoughts on something, but yeah. Everyone you criticize has a face.
  10. Ayen

    The Philosophy of Dream Zanarkand

    Many people have had this thought before. For a long time we played with the idea that our reality isn't really reality. It what inspired moves like the Matrix. I didn't save the link and it was some time ago, but I remember seeing an article suggesting that our universe could be (and I think...
  11. Ayen

    What inspired your current username?

    I was just putting random letters together and pronouncing them to myself. Came up with A-Yen and stuck with it for years. The obvious pun didn't even occur to me until many years later.
  12. Ayen

    What Was The Toughest Challenge You've Ever Had Playing Any FF Title?

    That moving platform in one of the temples in FFX. I forget the details since its been so long, but you pretty much have to keep yourself from falling. And I fell to my death a lot.
  13. Ayen

    [V4] What's Your Mood?

    Neutral. Had a lot of good and bad today.
  14. Ayen

    What pissed you off today?

    Just some assholes on another site.
  15. Ayen

    What cheered you up today?

    Deadpool, and my girlfriend.
  16. Ayen

    Playstation Dino Crisis Review

    Capcom; who hasn't heard the name of the Japanese Developing and Publishing video game company best known for their work on Mega Man, Street Fighter, Ghosts'n Goblins, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. Even if you aren't familiar with them chances are you heard one of these games listed above. In...
  17. Ayen


    I lol'd then I found it sad how self-proclaimed loving Christians could write this kind of filth... Then I lol'd again.
  18. Ayen

    what defines an english person?

    Well then. I'll go away now =D
  19. Ayen

    what defines an english person?

    No joke. Google Results First result is cunt o.o
  20. Ayen

    [12/12] 'A Guided Tour' XIII-2 Gameplay Video And New Screenshots

    I'm almost afraid to ask what's going on in this picture.