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  1. Ayen

    Playstation Dino Crisis Review

    Capcom; who hasn't heard the name of the Japanese Developing and Publishing video game company best known for their work on Mega Man, Street Fighter, Ghosts'n Goblins, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. Even if you aren't familiar with them chances are you heard one of these games listed above. In...
  2. Ayen

    Reviews Armored Core Review

    Transformers; more than meets the eye. Yeah, this has nothing to do with Transformers. This is an action, third person shooter, Mecha simulation developed by From Software in Japan so it's more like every single Anime to ever do with fighting robots. The game takes place in what we can only...
  3. Ayen

    Reviews Evil Zone Review

    If you don't like Anime I suggest turning back now. Evil Zone, Eretzvaju in Japan, is a versus fighting game developed by YUKE's Future Media Creators (best known for their work on the WWE SmackDown series) and published by Titus Software in North America and Europe. It should be noted that...
  4. Ayen

    Reviews Spyro the Dragon Review

    Spyro the Dragon, another video game from my childhood which I have many fond memories of, and perhaps the only game I've played where the enemies actually moon you. Oh yes, they know you're literally going to toast their ass so why not show it to you? Spyro would go on to become a critical...
  5. Ayen

    Reviews Croc Legend of the Gobbos Review

    In the fall of 1997, Fox Interactive published Croc Legend of the Gobbos by Argonaut Software for the Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Color. The game stars a young baby crocodile named Croc who was found by a species called the Gobbos and raised as one of their own...
  6. Ayen

    Reviews Crash Bandicoot Review

    Crash Bandicoot is a video game franchise formerly developed by Naughty Dog and published by Universal Interactive Studios and exclusively for the Sony Playstation. Later on when the games were moved to other publishers it would cease being a Playstation exclusive and be available on multiple...
  7. Ayen

    Reviews Monster Rancher Review

    Monster Rancher (originally Monster Farm in Japan) was a game released by Tecmo in North America for the Sony Playstation in November of 1997. It would go on to receive a cult following, earning four more sequels spanning from the Playstation 1 to the Playstation 2 and spin-off games for various...
  8. Ayen

    A FFX Rant: Yuna, Spira, etc

    All right fair warning, I feel a rant coming on so this post is probably going to be huge so I'll try to space it out to make it readable. I'll also be writing this as if somebody who doesn't know anything about FFX is reading just so you know. All right so Final Fantasy X was the first game to...
  9. Ayen

    I will now create Final Fantasy XV

    Using the diagram originally posted by FinalCzen which can be found here: Okay step one; the setting. World dominated by Evil Empire or world dominated by Big Glowing Rocks on Pedestals... World dominated by Evil Empire! =D Let see, step two...
  10. Ayen

    GalaxyFlare, where did you get this photo?

    I demand you return it where you found it at once, which is in my desk right next to the blackmail I have on EA Games. The rest of you, forget you read anything >.>
  11. Ayen

    THE Final Fantasy

    I found this Final Fantasy parody on YouTube. Created by The Fine Brothers. I thought it was hilarious so decided to share it ^^
  12. Ayen

    A Final Fantasy Short

    Tifa: What's it going to be, a memory or us? Meanwhile in the Life Stream Sephiroth: Come on say it! Aerith: I don't want to. Sephiroth: Come on just this once. Aerith: No. Sephiroth: Pretty please? Aerith: I said no! Sephiroth: Pretty please with a cherry on top? Aerith: Are you def...
  13. Ayen

    I just realized today...

    Nobody can live on three hundred bucks. I'm going to have to get a job :sad3:
  14. Ayen

    Guess what

    I was frozen today! :gasp:
  15. Ayen

    Which FF games "haven't" you played?

    I didn't see this anywhere so apologizes if I missed it. We have what games you have played and such but what games haven't you played? Okay for me I still haven't played III, IV, any of the DS releases, any of the PSP releases and of course XIV (Not sure how much that counts all things...
  16. Ayen

    Final Fantasy meet Full House

    Don't ask... I can't remember what the inspiration for this was, I'm thinking I was just really bored one day. It's old so it was back when I was still learning the ropes with video editing. Season One Season Two To be honest I like Season Two better than Season One. Though, don't know...
  17. Ayen

    ShinRa's Building: Sneak in or barge in?

    So when you got to the ShinRa's building in Midgar during your first play through did you choose to sneak into the building or did you choose to barge straight through the front door and kick some sorry sons of bitches! =o Me? I chose to sneak in through the stairs. Besides the dialog between...
  18. Ayen

    Aerith or Tifa?

    This is it, the moment of truth for every Final Fantasy VII fan, the question more important than the meaning of life (Not really). The tomboy or the more feminine flower girl? Black hair or Brunet? Big breasts or Ghetto Booty? Fist of steel or staff of kick ass? Or was it a rod... I can't...
  19. Ayen

    Jessie of AVALANCHE

    You all remember Jessie from AVALANCHE right? She's the one who build their bombs (I think) and made them their fake IDs during the first two missions of the games. Not to mention and I was always sweet on her. But then Anybody else has anything to say about Jessie? 8D
  20. Ayen

    At Galbadia Garden am I......

    The only one who ditched his party and went out on his own? I know I can't be the only one. During Disc One when you're at Galbadia Garden and you're alone you do have the option to just leave your party at the Garden and go exploring on your own. I did that. I was just all, "Screw the team...