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    FFXIV General Discussion

    I also find that in leveling roulettes below 50 Atrologians tend to try DPS more than they heal. Leveling up my tanks I can't count how many times an AST let me die by papercuts on trash pulls just because they were too busy DPSing to watch my health. Honestly, I'd understand it more if it...
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    Serious I still love her, but I'm not happy.

    No matter what happens she is a great girlfriend, even if it isn't me she'll make somebody very happy. We're going to work on it. I'm confident it's not that I just have other things to be happy about, it feels more like I've started to see how much of myself has changed and realizing that what...
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    Serious I still love her, but I'm not happy.

    Thanks for the welcome back. Reading what you said, it actually makes me think a lot in a good way. I always worry about my future and I know for a long time I've wondered if I'd b happy with her forever, but I have never been able to answer myself. Perhaps that was because I didn't want to...
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    Serious I still love her, but I'm not happy.

    The title is a true fact about my 5 and a half year relationship with my girlfriend. It was a hard truth to swallow, so hard in fact that it took one of the biggest and yet most necessary mistakes of my life to choke it down. So here's the background... My girlfriend and I got together in high...
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    [SPOILER] Final Steps of Faith (Blind 1st run)

    Mach was way too much fun because of how challenging it was. I joined a party in progress and only saw 3 bosses, but from a tanks perspective it was insane and heavily reliant on the DPS being smart enough to tell left from right. In other words, we wiped a lot...but that's a risk you take with...
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    Official FFXIV Player List

    I'm Rever Seurwit on Faerie. If the first post is up to date (Edited in 2014 so I doubt it) then I'm the only one on Faerie so far, but if you play there I welcome you to message me and see what's up. I play a Warrior primarily but will probably secondary a black mage.
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    Information Reputation System

    This is one hell of a necro :hmmm: Is what I was going to say before I checked to see this was a sticky :monster:
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    [Birthweek] SOTW 129: Voting

    I'm going with one because it's literally the only one without the generic weapon-over-shoulder pose with a strong silent male brooding at the viewer. Hell, 2, 3, and 4 all have the exact same facial expressions. Kudos on 1 for not trying to get that pretentious badass look in their sig.
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    What's next for Dissidia?

    I would like to see this. Mainly because both dissidia games were way too easy to break. In both my build for Warrior of Light, Zidane, and Onion Knight made them basically unstoppable. WoL gaining 1500-ish Brave on each individual block, Zidane with damage and ex-to-Bravery making only 2 brave...
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    SOTW 97 Voting.

    I'll be blunt, here... The first one looks like Cyberpunk... The third one looks like Science Fantasy The only one that looks like true steampunk is number 2, so voting for it purely on best fitting the theme.
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    I wanted to when I posted, but I'm just not active enough anymore.

    I wanted to when I posted, but I'm just not active enough anymore.
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    Interest Check Survivor VII

    Captain Squee desires to plunder the competition. Bring it on King Smiffy.
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    [BW '14] FFF Member Awards

    FFF King: @Lord Golbez FFF Queen: @Mitsuki Topic of the Year: Most Attractive male: @Exoskeleton Most Attractive Female: @Toshiya Friendliest Member: @Exoskeleton Most Knowledgeable About FF: Everyone knows their game, but to say all of them? I'm not so sure. Most Quotable Member: @CassinoChips...
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    Tough Decision To Make..

    But Final Fantasy Tactics only had humans, the female mime didn't look fully human, but nothing was mentioned. Sure there were monsters and you could get them on your side, but it wasn't much off the traditional that we see in most games. Not to mention it was actually not very normal for the...
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    Tough Decision To Make..

    Ivalice games? IX is completely unrelated, it's Gaia and Terra...
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    Tough Decision To Make..

    That was directed at Zero ^^ I completely agree with you even if our preferences of IX vs X differ.
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    Tough Decision To Make..

    I think he wanted to know which he should play first... I say IX. It's bright and colorful, while successfully being the darkest Final Fantasy ever, it's main plot drive is about handling mortality, what do you do if you find out you're going to die? I don't want to spoil too much, but death is...
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    URPG Ideas

    Very possible, It's been done before, actually. I'm never too into URP, I like to have creative freedom; more than URP can offer, but I can assure you that you very well could put all the final fantasy games in the same world and make a RP from it.
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    Information Reputation System

    I think he was talking about more than himself. The way I use negrep is when someone posts something that is utter nonsense, reveals a lack in understanding (or a refusal), rudeness, or general negativity due to coming off as thinking they are a superior morally or any other way, then they get...