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  1. Captain Squee

    Serious I still love her, but I'm not happy.

    The title is a true fact about my 5 and a half year relationship with my girlfriend. It was a hard truth to swallow, so hard in fact that it took one of the biggest and yet most necessary mistakes of my life to choke it down. So here's the background... My girlfriend and I got together in high...
  2. Captain Squee

    SOTW sig buttons

    Hello GFXers! I had an idea just the other day that I ran by @Six earlier today to make buttons (much like the one in my sig) for Signature of the Week to place in our sigs as a link to attract voting. The general idea is that many people who visit this forum don't look at the shout box and...
  3. Captain Squee

    Emerald and Runy Weapon Challenges

    So here's the deal, I have a saved file with each master materia right now but Emerald and Ruby still stand. My characters are mostly level 99, I have not used the W-Item Glitch so my resources are limited, and I have not used my Sources on mt team yet, therefor there stats are as they were...
  4. Captain Squee

    Does FF Lack a sense of resources?

    As the thread says. My a sense of resource I mean does it feel like you are limited in what you can do, or are you just pelting out super powerful skill after super powerful skill? To give a few examples of what it means to lack in resources... In Final Fantasy VII You can acquire the Mimic...
  5. Captain Squee

    Squees Crap

    There will be few and far between because I take my damn time :hmph: So here's some old crap from how I used to do GFX. Those are all one year or older, not sure exactly. But I know what you're thinking. Squee, can't we see something modern? Fine, but there's only a little bit. So...
  6. Captain Squee

    Happy Birthday Cardiak Kid!

    Hope you have a nice day, Joey!.
  7. Captain Squee

    A list of top 10 best and worst Final Fantasy Characters

    Since this is the internet, I'll take a moment to say these all express opinions, so when we disagree, fling insults at me like a monkey throwing poo, because that's just how I'll treat it. First, I haven't played all the Final Fantasy games, so here's a list of what I have played, so if I've...
  8. Captain Squee

    Let's Rage: Final Fantasy VII

    So, by popular vote, I will be playing through Final Fantasy VII; A game which has, in my opinion, excellent music and gameplay, but a very bad story. This is part one, it doesn't have very much rage at all, however, it's also just the beginning. There will be times later with explicit language...
  9. Captain Squee

    Interesting dream lengths.

    I understand this to be a fairly common thing among my friends, but i figure we can discuss it out of curiosity. This happens to me on only rare occasions, as it's rare that I even remember my dreams at all, but on the occasion that it does happen, I find it pretty interesting. Have you ever...
  10. Captain Squee

    Why your characters age is a big deal.

    Just as anyone else in the RP section, I have seen countless people make their characters the ages between 16-25 religiously. Personally, I feel as though there are enough people in that age range. What, do all of our characters die at 30? Why is there nobody old enough to win a battle on talent...
  11. Captain Squee

    The Cooking Thread

    I never would have guessed that I would enjoy cooking as much as I do. It's actually pretty fun, and it's always interesting to throw together some random crap and try to make a decent meal, although this doesn't always end well. I've even managed to whip up a few recipes of my own, like my...
  12. Captain Squee

    [GFX request] I need a new avatar!

    I suck at making avatars, but I want a new one. 150x150 please and thank you! I don't have a stock, so instead I'll throw a theme in your face and say deal with it. I want it ti be based on pirates! Thrill me. I tried making a new one but they all sucked :sad3: Other than making the theme...
  13. Captain Squee

    [Interest Check/Discussion] Journey to the Dead Zone

    In the land of Flognun Mala, technology flourishes. The age of land and sea travel is long gone as the skies have become standard, even holding air bases above the vast oceans. The people of the land were driven to create fortresses in the sky due to the overpopulation of the land making...
  14. Captain Squee

    Epic Vidya Game Music Covers

    Share them, I want some new epic vidya game custom covers to listen to. I'll start with a few favorites. I really like this one. I know you see a lot of Zelda medleys out there, but that's just because the music is fantastic, but when was the last time you saw a violin medley for anything? I...
  15. Captain Squee

    I'll answer any question ask.

    So ask :mokken:
  16. Captain Squee

    Your day

    Now to disappear for another month or 12 :hmmm: Ya'll know that this is the spiderman cue, right?
  17. Captain Squee

    Tidus and his daddy issues...Potential spoilers

    I don't fully understand this... Now, this isn't any "Tidus is a -explitive-" thread, this is me grasping a concept... SPOILER ALERT! So...Jecht left Tidus at an early age, and so Tidus hates him entirely and despises him...understandable! I can understand that fully as I feel the same about...
  18. Captain Squee

    Awwwww yeah

    Now I know how much ya'll hate Bronies :wacky: Nah, i know it's not THAT big of a deal, but still..
  19. Captain Squee

    Awwww yeah, a Squee request

    I know you wanna do it...My Little Pony :wacky: Just a sig <_< Maybe Or Possibly I...
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    Post them Because I find it...