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  1. Tipsynaruto

    The moment when you recognise the dance moves you bust looks like this....

    As the title says... The moment i realised that I felt like I've seen my dancing before and then realising that it is this.... and
  2. Tipsynaruto

    New Siggy please!

    As much as i love my sleeping Saber lion, i want to request a new Saber sig for me (i WILL not forsaken my saber!) For the picture, here is a render i did (first one i ever did, so its not the best. Sorry if you have to clean it a bit)...
  3. Tipsynaruto

    RP: Subject "Aestivalis"

    WIP ORP/URP Name: Title/Alias: Alignment: Age: Gender: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Current Residence: Resides With: Zodiac Sign: Race: Nationality: Sexual Orientation: Appearance: Weight: Height: Skin Tone: Eye Color: Hair Color: Body...
  4. Tipsynaruto

    Purchasing from vBshop

    Hey, recently, i was told that our pruchases was resetted or something or another. My Social Group feature is gone. Ok, thats fine. Problem is, i cant seem to repurchase it. It costs 500 points, which i definitely have AND in my wallet right now, but the icons all say Insufficient Funds. In...
  5. Tipsynaruto

    Eureka Academy School Timetable - Administration Work

    Applications now open Monday Morning Horatio Nelson Charles The Third - Study and cultivation of conventional abilities Open spots: 10 Applicants Afternoon Akabea - Tactics and Strategies (Until Oli chooses to change) Open spots: 3 (0) Applicants Maya Kamiya (will be discussed with Oli)...
  6. Tipsynaruto

    Social Group lockout

    Hey, i was pretty sure i joined a social group that Alyss had started, but when i click on it, im locked out. I have another group that i THINK im in (since its in my social group box on my profile) which is also locked out. Is it just me or is social groups desiabled? EDIT: Actually, i just...
  7. Tipsynaruto

    Statistics page

    I was wondering is it possible to bring back the statistic page function. I really am struggling to see new posts when only the latest 5 is shown. I remember before you could open up that page and it would display the last 50 newest post. Is that permanently lost or is there some new method to...
  8. Tipsynaruto

    Need to rage!

    RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGEE@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASFDANGNAJKESDGNKJASEGKJNAEJKGNAIKOEg STUPID TIMETABLE! STUPID LAG! I HATE YOU! :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead: I GOT A FUCKING FAT 2 HOUR BREAK! SHIIIIIT...
  9. Tipsynaruto

    Pulp Fiction Meet Lil Jon Pretty old, but had me loling for quite a while.
  10. Tipsynaruto

    Iglesias Vespertania

    ORP/URP Name: Iglesias Vertentis Fabiolas "Balalaika" Farandole Vespertania (Ee-glae-sea-ah-es Verh-ten-tas Fah-bee-oh-las Fah-rahn-doll Ves-perh-tain-ee-ah) Title/Alias: Sergeant Major, Balalaika, Fille (French for Lass. Meant in a cute and endearing way), Pack Mule (by Anarchia as a...
  11. Tipsynaruto

    Lookee! I caught a Bush!

    My friend just showed me this. Call me slow, or whatever. Its in spam section, so whatever.
  12. Tipsynaruto

    Seriously, cant look straight at the game anymore

    Seriously. If you ever played Mass Effect 2, this would entirely haunt you every time you play the scene. It did for me. Cant play it without thinking of tralala and ding ding dong.
  13. Tipsynaruto

    Alucard meets Edward

    Found this a fair while ago, but forgot to post it up. I loled pretty badly when i first saw it
  14. Tipsynaruto

    Dropping into Hell: Halo ODST RP thread

    Earth spun ever so lazily on its axis... Its vibrant colours of blue and white remain untainted and beautiful against the black backdrop of space... It's tranquility and peaceful atmosphere was only disturbed... By tracing plasma fire and debris of human and covenant vessels alike. The lone...
  15. Tipsynaruto

    Feet First into Hell: A Halo ODST RP Sign up and OOC Revival

    Alright troopers. Listen up! We got clean up duty. It appears that some Convenant dirtbags have managed to evade our guns up in space. Worst yet, they have the balls to place foot on our soil. Nuh-uh. That ain't happening. Not on our watch. Not for long. Command has seen fit to drop you lazy...
  16. Tipsynaruto

    Eureka Academy: Teacher Timetable Register

    As this is not by Oliver, there will be no fancy intro and what not. This is the student timetable thread. For all you teachers out there, if you want a lesson, you post it here. It will be in a weekly form, meaning you put up how many lessons you want that week from Monday to Friday and...
  17. Tipsynaruto

    Theodora Entelecheia

    ORP/ URP Name Theodora "Gravitas" Touma Title/Alias: Berserker, Theo, Gravitas Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Age: 15 Gender: Female Date of Birth: 7th July Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan Current Residence: Akihabara, Japan Resides With: Resides with her fellow comrades/...
  18. Tipsynaruto

    ARGH!!!!!! SH!T

    A FUCKING HELL! BLOODY HELL!!! JKENGSUHGDHDGHSUDEGHIUHDEFUIHFF! My P2 port on my PS2 is broken and im versing Psycho Mantis on MSG! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! Needed to vent. Thought this would be a good place to.
  19. Tipsynaruto

    Tipsy's GFX Arts

    Gifs count as GFX right? (stupid question, but just in case.) Here is my first ever gif. It is of Hatsune Miku. Not the greatest, especially with a bland BG and cut off at the legs. The original video had her legs hidden by text, so nothing i could do there. Does anyone have any idea how i...
  20. Tipsynaruto

    Repping question

    Hey, i wanna rep Yumiko for the new sig she just did, but it says that i need to spread sme Rep around before repping her again. The last person i repped was Squee (i think), so whats stopping me from repping her?