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  1. Fusionist

    My Batman/Final Fantasy cross-over Discuss :mokken:
  2. Fusionist

    Leviathan? [SPOILERS]

    Help me out guys. Why did Eiko say it was a mistake to unseal Leviathan? I don't remember it being summoned or anything before Odin was summoned and destroyed Cleyra :huh:
  3. Fusionist

    Do Vampires Ever Need to Use the Restroom?

    I'm curious :mokken:
  4. Fusionist

    Was saving a drink for a hot day like today...

    And then find out my brother drank it while I was sleeping :rage:
  5. Fusionist

    Help FFXIII-2: Help with Requiem of the Goddess DLC

    Just bought it today and spent the last couple of hours beating it, but I still don't have Lightning in my party. I spent a while just getting past the first battle with Caius due to hidden requirements that I can only assume was battle time, and I saw the scenes after the Chaos Bahamut fight...
  6. Fusionist

    -O n c e M o r e- Fusionist's Graphics Attempts v2

    So I haven't seriously worked on GFX in a very long time. I think it's been about a year and a half, so while I worked with it for about 2 years straight, I'm mighty rusty. But recently I decided to give it another go, so I thought I would start up a new thread, all fresh and everything, haha...
  7. Fusionist

    I still haven't beaten Ruby Weapon

    Ghod, I phail so hard. I've had FFVII for...I don't even know how many years now, but I still haven't beaten that weapon. In fact, I only remember beating Emerald once :ness: Anyone else? xD
  8. Fusionist

    Playstation [PS3] Saving stuff on external hard drives?

    I have the old 60GB PS3, and I've recently filled it up to just shy of 500 mbs. Is it possible to save something on a usb or sd card and what not? Like DLC, game saves, game installments, whole games, etc? Or can it only be on the PS3 hard drive?
  9. Fusionist

    So, all that mind control going on...

    There's a small thing I've been wondering about in the FFIV plot. I know Zeromus was controlling Golbez the whole time, but in regards to Kain, was that Golbez controlling him, or still Zeromus? Like, was Golbez merely influenced by Zeromus and carried through the plans with some of his own...
  10. Fusionist

    It's My Day Off

    My first Saturday off from work in almost a year. I-I... I don't know what to do ;A; (also, hi, I've been absent from here for a couple of months in case anyone noticed, lol)
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    Help I'm a tad lost...

    Okay, I think I might have messed something up here. After going to the Underworld and going to the sealed cave to protect the last dark crystal in the underworld , I went back to the Overworld and now have the Lunar Whale at my disposal. Currently my party is Cecil, Rosa, Rydia and Edge. So...
  12. Fusionist

    @Username Function and Visitor Messages?

    Hiya, I only recently noticed that some people have used the @Fusionist function to get my attention, however I don't get a notification for some users. Has this been limited to only friends now? I swear before anyone could do @Fusionist, and I'd get the notifications all the time :hmmm: Is...
  13. Fusionist

    [Request] X-Men First Class signature

    I saw X-Men: First Class again, and I'm absolutely in love with how Michael Fassbender portrayed Erik's (i.e. Magneto's) character in the movie. I'd like someone to make a set for me with him, please :3 Here's a pic I found through google...
  14. Fusionist

    Who else bought FFIV: The Complete Collection?

    I'm not proud to admit I've bought FFIV 3 times now, but I'm not ashamed either. I did it because I wanted to, so I'm gonna live with that decision, and just enjoy the game. At the very least, the expanded dialog is pretty stellar. I just wanna know how many other people bought a copy, and...
  15. Fusionist

    FFVI Daryl Concept Art?

    Hey all. In another bout of random pic searching, I've been trying to find some concept art of various FF characters, but I can't seem to find any of Daryl from FFVI. I've found some sprite sheets of her, but I'm interested in concept art by Amano. I'm assuming there's at least one out there...
  16. Fusionist

    Which movie shoud I see?

    X-Men First Class or Thor? I only have an hour to decide! :gasp:
  17. Fusionist

    Instead of the numbers in the title...

    I think we've all had some specific statement or idea about each FF game we've played, but how about creating a sub heading for the games? What if the games were never numbered, but had an actual title to them to differentiate them? What would you personally give as a sub heading for each FF...
  18. Fusionist

    [GFX] Watching the numbers

    This is something I've noticed about myself and I'm wondering if other people do the same. Whenever you're fooling around with a layer opacity percentage, rotation degrees of an image, brush size, canvas size...just about anything in your program of choice when working on GFX, do you find...
  19. Fusionist

    EX Revenge

    Okay, so...What exactly is this? I have no clue what this is suppose to do, and I've triggered it a few times. While the grainy gray and slow-motion/time freeze is cool, I don't quite understand what I'm suppose to be doing. Furthermore, I'm sacrificing my EX-Burst gauge, so it should be...
  20. Fusionist

    012: Duodecim A few big hits or a bunch of small hits?

    I couldn't think of a shorter, more concise thread title, so lemme explain :P Dissidia has different characters with their own unique styles, but you as the player still develop you're own strategies, even for the more general gameplay. My question: do you find yourself conserving Brave Points...