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  1. Sasukexbox

    Does someone have friend code to FF3 on DS?

    Sorta need it to get Onion Knight. Interms of adding. I dont know how to find out friend code on the game? Only on 3DS. So not sure how much this will help. I tried adding a friend rooster, which worked... but i dont know if he will reply? Found one randomly online
  2. Sasukexbox

    Final Fantasy 4 is only good if you play it in french language

    Subjectively its better atleast. Only good voice actor is the guy who voices Edge in the remake. But he is cool so its hard to make him uncool. But basically, here is how you do it. Turn the voices off. Have it installed in french language. And there you go. Now you can enjoy the game more...
  3. Sasukexbox

    Do you think Final Fantasy did disservice to Biggs and Wedge characters from Star Wars?

    First of all. Biggs is a badass with a moustache. And Wedge is this brave fighter pilot in Star Wars movies. But in the games he is this incompetent fat ass who always ruins it. Not that i like Star Wars because it looks so lame with Laserswords, its basically false advertising since Star...
  4. Sasukexbox

    Proto Babil is actually a super easy boss

    Its just a troll boss is all Good guide on it. Use Bless and Hide with Edge as Augments. And have him throw Bless then Hide, but Bless wil stop working if dead, so if you are revived, be sure to use it again "And have Edge be low on HP" because he will just return out of Hide automatically if...
  5. Sasukexbox

    My rating for Final Fantasy 1-6

    Interms of old school Final Fantasy games. Played them all now including After Years. So here is my rating FF1 is probably the worst aged one because the learning curve is awful in that one. The best in the series of old FF games has to be FF2, FF3 and FF4 including After Years (though After...
  6. Sasukexbox

    Review of Final Fantasy 3 Remake

    I wrote this review on Steam. Which is probably best way i could explain few problems. I have overall hate love relationship with that game. But i am finally now playing Shadow the Hedgehog :) Kind of have quit playing FF3 recently """For PC/Android or iOS i will give this a 4/10 rating For...
  7. Sasukexbox

    FF4 Steam UI new update

    Congratz to Steam PC Owners. If you reinstall the game on steam, you will get a better UI. It can be better however. It doesnt have swipe function "which would make gameplay more efficient and better" but its alright atleast. Here is the Google Phone UI of After Years if curious. One good...
  8. Sasukexbox

    Final Fantasy 3 remake is the worst Final Fantasy game made

    Here is my review for it However, playing it on PC, Phone, DS, PSP and finally on iPad "before i rage quit" (got 50 onion helmets with 99 onion equipments being in fat chocobo) DSP rage quit lightning returns which is kind of a good game, but i am thinking. If i hate it why am i playing it? He...