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  1. Shahab

    Item lost problem

    I have discarded the warrior crest item accidentally and kahlid does not give me anyother one. What should I do now?
  2. Shahab

    Anigraphuse's Potion alchemy

    I sell potions as below If intrested PM me, and I'll sell them to you in BLACK PEARL 1 If you need them in other places, where are not on map, I demand for 3000 extra gils to deliver them. <table class="tborder" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="1" width="95%">...
  3. Shahab

    EXP bug error

    I have -200% exp bonous which non of my equiped items caused it., I asked koloth to fix it, and he gave me dummy boots, which have 200% exp bonous to dis-effect the negative exp . Now I have 0% bonouse , but the problem is that the dummy boots are extremly weak and all the creatures attack my...
  4. Shahab

    New icons thread

    I have cleaned the hotdog icon by removing the white lines and adding some dots to it. The earlier one was bothering me so much. please add this to the valencia item shop.(replace it) --------------------------------------------------------------- We need legends for map, but clear and small...
  5. Shahab

    Extra Moderator needed for Graphic section Since Angle Valentine is the only moderator who runs SOTW competitions on this section and the fact that everyone is busy with real life problems, we need a moderator for the section to run the...
  6. Shahab

    Cheap Items for New RPG warriors

  7. Shahab

    Young wyverns

    When I scan Young syverns it says their HP is 660 and their STR is 165 and 40 EVA but when I go to fight with them, its completely different HP +850 Eva 105 I got level ups, but they are becoming too much tougher than before and also they give just a little Exp points for their level. Here is...
  8. Shahab


    I saw a place on my world map and its name was WCA. I clicked on it and travelled there, but it said the above message.
  9. Shahab

    Rpg Weight

    I've got new weapons that I can't use due to the strenght limit As each str point I get just 2 additional weight limit. in this way I should have like 300-400 weight limit. but its not so, so I guessed that there are other factors to increase it. What can I do to increase my weight limit ?
  10. Shahab

    Bank Guard

    Look at the message below I was checking banks stat and noticed that ROBERY ATTEMPS was zero. So I decided to rob one. I attemped to rob Midgar bank and then BANK GUARDS attacked me. I saw two of them on the list, there would be more, but I did not have time to check it out. 6830 HP and...
  11. Shahab

    RPG problem

    I had my characters at level 36 and had a very hard time to defeat one of the bosses ( the ICE GOLEM ) with a nice guy who helped me a lot to defeat it at the last breathes, but now, I noticed that everything has returned like a week ago and all of my level ups and Gil saves during this time...
  12. Shahab

    Spiderman - PS3

    C and C please.
  13. Shahab

    Ling Xiaoyu

    Full generate BG..... CnC please
  14. Shahab


    CNC ?
  15. Shahab


    Its about a month that I can not see my usernotes... Do , I do not have any ? or there is a problem with that or its just for my account ?
  16. Shahab

    Hanzo Hattori

    This one is from my new style , please CnC . I need to improve a lot
  17. Shahab

    Yukimura Sanada

    Well Here is my new work . CnC please
  18. Shahab


    This ^ is the original image i used for this sig And this is what do I made.
  19. Shahab

    Jin Kazama