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    A good spam thread

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    Anti-Boobs happen when gravity causes an indent. So you end up with the opposite of boobs. These chest cavities can cause serious injury. /not real
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    Nintendo Nintendo 3DS innovations...

    I'm interested in hearing what the greatest innovations that come with the 3DS are, from all of you. These innovations can be in the form of: 1). Games or something that has happened in one 2). Software 3). Etc. So, what has impressed you the most about it so far? :)
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    Solla Nox Blade or Harlequin?

    Which one of us is the more experienced debater? Take a pick. Harlequin understands infinity and strongly implements it with his ideas. He is of course, Christian. His great friendliness alone is good incentive for people to agree with him. Few people can win an argument against him because...
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    Mario, Zelda or Metroid?

    Which series is best?
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    Wrong answer to everything...

    Why is it that the wrong answer to everything is always more entertaining? To start in simplest terms, saying that 1 + 1 = 2 is dull. But saying "1 + 1 = 3 because..." is more entertaining. Why is that?
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    What does to "Mean" life?

    To life means having better do to things.
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    Debates with me...

    The one thing I tend to get complimented on is my ability to handle my own in Sleeping Forest debates. Tell me what you would want to debate against a debater like myself who some people seem to think has good/efficient points, and why you think you'll win. Of course, when I say I'm a good...
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    Leaving the site...

    I think it'd be best if I left. I might still post, but I'm about done talking to people. I want people to sing me praise. I want people to be the bigger person than me. I think no impression of me is better than some of the ones I seem to give off. So I give up being real. I give up using my...
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    I like it rough...

    DarkPaladin says I like it rough.
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    Friends and giving...

    If I give you something to be my friend, did I want more friends or am I just generous? Cardiac Kid wants to know.
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    Infinity debate with Harlequin...

    Harlequin agreed to have a debate with me... So without further ado... You have to be simple to understand God. Accepting infinity doesn't bring you closer to God, because infinity adds in an element of complexity which doesn't need to be there. So... if Harlequin agrees that God is just...
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    Little Big Boss once said to me: My argument will be "I don't have a problem with it." Also, we are debating whether it's wrong to go against what others are saying. This not a person-to-person argument. Which means that if Little Big Boss were to say "well that's not what I meant", the...
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    I'm in love with a girl on this forum!!

    Yeah right, I'm not a girl.
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    Does this mirror...

    ...make me look fat?
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    SB PMs...

    SB PMs aren't working. If you click on the user's name, it takes you to their profile page.
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    I just love them :ryan:.
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    Chargar and Martel

    One day, Chargar decides to be the chosen one and puts on a long green cap. "I must save Martel," he says. So he fights Gannon, and saves Martel. The same thing happens again and again. Except there are several different Chargars.
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    Nikki Grahame...

    Petition to have Nikki Grahame's name changed to "Lovely Beauty". He must also then be friends with Ken if he isn't already. :mokken: Club members: Me Chuck Norris Stop it.
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    Tag authors?

    Does it tell who the authors of thread tags are? This isn't really a complaint. Just a question, because some of the tags are kind of funny.