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  1. Soulcorruptor

    FFFLandia PS4 group

    So as some may have noticed a couple of us bought minecraft for the ps4 to begin building this fabled thing called FFFlandia, once upon a time a crude drawing was made of this fabled land and now we are trying to build it. So besides some picture ideas which may be posted, if anyone has ideas on...
  2. Soulcorruptor

    So who wants to play XI

    As per Mit's suggestion on Discord i'm posting this here, as some of you may remember I mentioned finding a free private server to be able to play XI. Let me say when I say free it is 100% free, no monthly sub or needing to buy the game. Honestly all it will cost you is the time to download it...
  3. Soulcorruptor

    Kingdom Hearts Orchestra

    So we have stuff like Kupocon, Distant Worlds Orchestra, and now we have a Kingdom Hearts Orchestra. Unlike Distant Worlds this one seems to be trying to go to more cities and make more stops allowing more people to attend. Having never been able to attend a Distant World concert myself this is...
  4. Soulcorruptor

    Dueling Book Discussion Thread

    So with dueling book popping up and a small number of us playing on there, to give an easier idea of whose who when wanting to search for a duel I thought we could all post out ID's here. ID-Vexsone Member ID's Soulcorruptor-Vexsone Espurr-Rigge Linnaete-Balance Paddy McGee- Paddy McGee
  5. Soulcorruptor

    Media Violence Exposure, and Violent attitudes towards police.

    Okay so with some recent threads that have been popping up here and due to a research paper I had to do in class, it got me thinking of seeing what people here think. So this thread can serve various functions. 1. Your opinion on the research paper itself. 2. Your opinion on the subject itself...
  6. Soulcorruptor

    The magic "87" titles

    So while logging onto the site this morning I caught tail wind of a conversation, apparently Square-Enix is claiming there is 87 Final Fantasy games, so the question is how are they counting them? The various remakes and enhancements we got of so many older ones they got ported to the GBA and...
  7. Soulcorruptor

    PC Creativerse FF location recreation

    Ok so for some time I have been messing around with this game called Creativerse on steam, and since it's a free minecraft rip off got to thinking on something. Seeing some of the insane remakes of locations done in minecraft I got inspired to try and do some for some of the final fantasy games...
  8. Soulcorruptor

    World of Final Fantasy tips/help

    So you stuck looking for a certain murkrift, maybe having a hard time looking for a specific mirage, looking for that right spell or map ability then look no further. I have beaten the core of the game and got into the EX dungeons now myself and found a great deal of the content, missing only a...
  9. Soulcorruptor

    Playstation Suikoden series, what's your favorite and more.

    So as the title suggest this is gonna be an overall general Suikoden discussion thread. Saw two old ones back for 2006, and 2007 but since I think we had at least one more game come out then as well with that seeming to only be for the first one to start a fresh thread. Also we can talk about...
  10. Soulcorruptor

    Interest check

    Somewhat inspired by the birthweek I would like to see how another continuation story could go where we all design a character or use one we have made(if have a collection of bios) and we use it in a DD esque story. Now you won't have to do the whole copy and paste things to make things simple...
  11. Soulcorruptor

    Tech python 3

    #!/usr.byn/python3 import struct class Fat: def __init__(self, fat): self._fat def entryValue(self, cluster): value = struct.unpackf=t('I', fat[cluster*4:cluster*4+4])[0] return value def isAllocated(self, cluster): return...
  12. Soulcorruptor

    Happy 9-day belated Birthday Adam!

    Seriously you should have mentioned it sooner man. Sorry no thread was made for you on the 11th so here is one now wishing you a very happy 21st. Hope you had a good time man and wish ya many good ones to come.
  13. Soulcorruptor

    Playstation Choose your Digimon

    Pikach.......wait wrong series there folks. Well upon seeing Smiff's XCOM2 char design bit, I decided to do something similar with the digimon cyber sleuth game I am playing. Ever wanted to be a digimon or named after one? Well here is your chance...
  14. Soulcorruptor

    Vader gives kid a bionic arm

    So ever wonder what it would feel like to have one of your favorite stars show up to your school and make a difference in your life. Well thanks to a charity company and Darth Vader this kid got to experience this...
  15. Soulcorruptor

    To the Shace Paissa

    Well there wasn't enough warning or time for a cake so you get this little guy instead :paissa: Happy Birthday Shace.
  16. Soulcorruptor

    Vanguard TCG

    So I had a friend try getting me into this Vanguard TCG game a while ago, and while seemed decent enough I didn't have the money to really sink into another cardgame at the time. For those that don't know how to play you have two rows of three. The top center card is your vanguard which...
  17. Soulcorruptor

    Should prositution be legal?

    Alright before you flock in here with the angry responses let me start off with that this came from a speech class. We have to do a persuasive speech for my speech class. When my teacher threw out this as an option and even had a female friend suggest this because she did it as well as a joke, I...
  18. Soulcorruptor

    [RP] Tale of the Forgotten

    It was a slow start of the day for Vex. He was currently doing some work in Syncast for a couple of reasons, one being it was big so it was easier to be unnoticed, and two it was also a port town so easy to pick up on information. His job wasn't much he drove a cart of supplies from the...
  19. Soulcorruptor

    Screenshot Corner

    So in hopes to let them be seen and not lost in some of the other threads, I wanted to make a thread where we can share our screen shoots of the game. Al and I standing and sitting on Greeny after he kept chasing turtles to kill us. So we took him to a lost dead city and dragged the undead...
  20. Soulcorruptor

    [S/D] Tale of the Forgotten

    The Tale of the Forgotten A balance is broken, what once kept the balance is now disturbed. An ancient race of people know as the Kailal are destroyed, except for one. He is the lone survivor of his people, the only one left with the knowledge to...