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  1. Tucker

    Mr. Poppo (Cannibal Victim) Speaks There is one photo in the video that is graphic, for all you squirmish people like me out there. - I'm just glad he is getting better poor guy :( He is so calm and gracious! Although that one line in the video I...
  2. Tucker

    Dear Admins and Techies my profile is ugly now

    My dear profile has become ugly. I can't look at it! What happened to my pretty colors?? There is supposed to be a "Customize Profile" button, but there is not :( Please tell me why this is happening because I cannot live with this!
  3. Tucker

    I just went on...

    my very first Roller Coaster :tori:
  4. Tucker

    Do you give money to homeless people?

    Lately I have been seeing more and more people on medians/curbs asking for money/food. There is this one poor guy with a shaking problem and he says he is a former veteran. Once I see people like this I immediately feel so bad :sad2: I mean, my heart just goes out for them :gonk: Usually I...
  5. Tucker


    Does anyone else agree with me that One Direction is, in fact, not hot? :hmmm: They look 12. Are they 12? And their songs are not impressive. I mean are they 12?
  6. Tucker

    What do you do...

    when you feel a tingling and ticking sensation moving up your leg and when you look down you see a centipede
  7. Tucker

    Everything is bigger than it actually is??

    I accidentally magnified everything on the site. It's not too bad, but things like signatures look extremely LQ and dreadful and the site itself is just too big :sad3: Does anyone know how I did this or how I can fix this? gaaaahhhaaagga
  8. Tucker


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (may 7th) May it be filled with joy :star: And happiness :star: And love :star:
  9. Tucker

    Changed the Forum Skin HOW DO I CHANGE IT BACK

    Help I changed the forum skin to the mobile device one and IDK how to change it back cuz it's not at the bottom of the page. Please help, it's horrible in here
  10. Tucker

    How to download GFX stuff?

    So I download brushes and fonts by, well, clicking the download button, opening it, then it goes to that folder type place and I'll copy and paste them into my Fonts or Brushes folder. However...sometimes when I try to download it, it opens or saves to Windows Media 8( And when I click on the...
  11. Tucker

    Marlena's Baby GFX

    I had Gimp dowloaded on my computer for a few months, but I never really used it. I played around a few times, but never did much. So yesterday I decided to actually sit down, watch an actual tutorial, download some shtuff and actually try to do some shtuff. And here is the first thing I did...
  12. Tucker


    I know this is in spam, but serious answers please! A word for someone like, condescendingly looking at something with interest. Like, how we look at a celebrity who just did something horrible on TMZ, and how we enjoy it. Is there a word for it? I thought of ogle but that's more in a sexual way.
  13. Tucker

    Spray Tan/Mystic Tan?

    I need a tan. On my face. Well if it's on my face it might as well be my whole body. But really, I very easily blush and I in certain lights my face looks So. Do spray tans work okay? Are they bad for you/don't work well/tacky/just don't do it Marlena you will ruin your face...
  14. Tucker

    Big Obstacle Course...Exercise Help

    So the big race thingy that I was supposed to have last week got postponed because the head dude was sick. So, it's today and we got more info on it and I am nervous :( Here is what we must do-(Bunch of supervisors all watching to see if correctly done) -First the Half Mile Run (already made a...
  15. Tucker

    Tech Keyboard Caps is Wacky

    wHEN cAPS LOCK IS OFF, CAPS TURN ON. When caps is on, caps turn off. I have unplugged the keyboard and yet the problem persists :ahmed: I am quite sure Shael has something to do with it. Or Ryan. It is messing up my mojo and I strongly dislike that.
  16. Tucker

    Running Advice

    I am not a runner. :( So...tomorrow at phy ed we get to run a half a mile :grin: I know it's not that far, but the thing is it's all timed, and once we're done running we have to go through this insane obstacle course, that is a lot harder than the running. So I need to run the half mile...
  17. Tucker

    Another Set Request

    While I do love my current set, I am in a very Breaking Bad mood and so I want to feature the beautiful Jesse Pinkman, who actually does look a bit like my Tom :jess: Here are some fabulous images to work with...
  18. Tucker

    Happy Birthday Ryan!

    Tomorrow, or in some timezones, today, it is your birthday. (You better not be lying) So, I decided to make this beautiful thread for you like you were begging me to. So have a great day tomorrow/today/December 23/the day after my birthday. Enjoy these presents. First off...I made you a cake...
  19. Tucker


    I have a problem :( It started about 1-1 and a half weeks ago. About half of the time, when I click on a site, it goes to some ad thingy! I have to go back to the search page, click on it again, and then it'll be fine. When I look at the link at the top of the page, most of the time it will...
  20. Tucker

    Another Set Request

    While I do love my Hawthorne, I feel I have worn him out a bit. So I would like a new set. This set will be centered around the most beautiful man in the world, and only a great GFXer could understand how to correctly accent his beauty. Here are some images to work with. Anyone is fine...