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  1. Unforgiven

    (Sign Up + Discussion) Final Fantasy VII - AVALANCHE Coalition

    Midgar, or New Midgar. Their urban development and fuel industries eventually spark their ownership in New Midgar's electricity and then their own police and military force again, creating jobs and homes with power to thousands of people. For twenty years ShinRa aids Gaia's restoration of...
  2. Unforgiven

    Poetry My End

    [ Angel Wings ] Who is to say that my colors won't fade, What does it mean to stay away, When can I stand up to face them, Why do I do the same things over again, There's no serenity in a death, There's no serenity in a black rose, Who is the one that creates all the agony, What action will...
  3. Unforgiven

    Saleth's Gallery of Items

    Large Broadswords Name of Weapon | STR | DEF | WGT | ECH | Heaven's Finale 137 137 321 12 [ Has been Enchanted ] -7000 gil Omni Slash 135 135 321 10 [ Has been Enchanted ] - 6500 gil Undefeated Heart 150 150 521 25 [ Has been Enchanted ] - 7500 gil Nagrarok 150 150 200 100 - 20000 Medium...
  4. Unforgiven

    What does a good game need?

    Honestly, what makes up a good video game? Is it the graphics? Or is it the storyline? Or is it the characters personality and development? Or how smoothly the game goes on? Possibly the re-play ability of a game? What's your ideas on this? Post them up then expain why. ;)
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    Taijahs' Mercenaries

    Taijahs' Mercenaries Founders of Taijahs' Mercenaries [TM]Saleth Taijah[Ldr] - 78 -Hero Among Legends [TM]Strife[Co-Ldr] - 71 - Guardian of the Realm Members of Taijahs' Mercenaries [TM]Savior[Rec] - 8 - Damned Knight [TM]Amalia Rose[Rec] - 20 - Rose Whip [TM]Sonic[Rec] - 3 - Crash...
  6. Unforgiven

    Tactics Favorites & Worsts Thread

    Favorite Character: Ramza Favorite Male Character: Ramza, Delita Favorite Female Character: Alma Favorite Class: Samurai, Ninja Favorite Weapon: N/A Favorite Monster: Chocobo Favorite Boss: Final Boss in Final Form Favorite Ability: Steal Ability, Steal Heart Favorite Zodiac Brave: N/A Favorite...
  7. Unforgiven

    Half Life 2

    Yeah, I know it made an appearance on the PC first. XD However, for those who doesn't have it on a computer (like me), have you guys played it for the Xbox? It was pretty good, the graphics improved from Half Life, however it didn't seem as hard as the original. Or even as freaky, except in...
  8. Unforgiven

    Poetry Unforgiving Poetry

    Ok, despite the title i'm really not even emo. XDD But while being here, i'll share a couple of my poems. Painful Battle [ Tribute to Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced ] Get out of my way, dear friend, I wish not to fight you You insist, by taking out your rapier, also by standing in my way My...
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    Take down the ACF smilies you have. No need to take ACF's smilies. XD If you really want smilies, I can honestly point you to the right direction. I know quite a few people that make smilies. I have two options for you. A) Take down the smilies, and I can contact people to make you...
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    Seems I am not able to save a new avatar, every time I try. (Complying with the limits of 50kb and 100 x 100 file upload) It'll give me a vBulliten message. Help please, much appreciated.
  11. Unforgiven

    Kingdom Hearts II Keyblades

    Alright, about Kingdom Hearts II keyblades. Some of the designs of the keyblades were just pure crap. No offense to Square Enix. But it seemed to be like they just put it together half assedly. Like for example, , that was the worst design in the history of Kingdom Hearts. I mean, come on...
  12. Unforgiven


    The drives, did they meet your actual expectations? The met mine just about, problem was with the last one in my opinion. Honestly, I wish they would've added one or two more drives. Maybe for a unlockable or something. Like an Ultima Drive, except it would be where they could attack with...