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  1. mattbgamer

    Hello again

    It's been awhile since I have been on here, almost a year if I count right. A lot seems to have changed. Well I wont have some long drawn out post I will just say I am glad to be back. :tori:
  2. mattbgamer

    Golden-Voiced Homeless Man Captivates Internet

    Story: Did anybody hear about this? When I went over to my parents house yesterday this guy was all over the news. It is truly amazing the way life works, I mean he was an homeless man who not only...
  3. mattbgamer

    [T] Perfect World clan thread

    I figured since some of us are playing this game it would be smart to start a thread for it. Mostly where we can discuss battle plan's and how awesome the game is. Also to post our game name and server (although I think we all play on the Raging Tide server). You can also post your race and...
  4. mattbgamer

    You guys are funny

    While browsing the Ban log I noticed an overflow of sarcastic and witty comments from the mods my fave is : LorencoHig Stop, spammer time. December 23, 2010 Never Fleur
  5. mattbgamer

    Did you know.....

    That with 658 posts and 25 threads you achieve exactly 1 post per day and own 0.08% of the forum? :awesome:
  6. mattbgamer

    Uber Squall!!!

    I recently started a FF8 game because I was a little bored and decided to have a little fun and see how powerful I could make Squall. To be honest I really didn't feel like spending 10 hours getting him to level 100 so I said to myself I will see what happens with 2 and half straight hours of...
  7. mattbgamer

    Playstation U.S. Air force using PS3's o.O Basically they bought a ton of PS3's hooked them all together and are doing some sort of experiment about how a human brain processes information. Trying to figure out if a supercomputer can do...
  8. mattbgamer

    Naming Characters

    I just restarted my IX game and I was wondering if anybody changed the characters names. I remember I used to do this in FFVII, I would use all my friends names, it would make the game feel more personal. I have yet to do it with this game but given the ability I really thought about doing it...
  9. mattbgamer

    Zorn and Thorn?

    So these guys are kinda weird right? I mean not only were these guy's dialog horrible to read but it was also really annoying. And the two battles while not particularly hard they were annoying as well. I just didn't like them at all, . Anybody feel the same way, or did you like them?
  10. mattbgamer

    Do you think they should have there own group?

    Well I just thought of this oddly, even though it has been awhile since it has happened but I am talking about Kel and Mark reaching the epic goal of 10,000 posts. So that made me think should other member who sooner or later reach this goal be part of another group? Any thoughts?
  11. mattbgamer

    Help Just a quick question.

    This is not so much as I need help as I just want know what to do with this particular item. I recently purchased a few Forgotten Grimores and have started to kill the associated monsters with said Grimores. Well almost every time a monster drops something whether it be rare or common it also...
  12. mattbgamer

    V:They came in peace

    This is my first shot at making my own RP so bear with me.;) Well this RP is going to be loosely about the new tv show "V". If you need to know any back story you can find it here. Its about aliens that appear over 29 major cities all over the...
  13. mattbgamer

    What would you do?

    Well I watched the new show 'V' last night and it got me thinking. :hmmm: What would you do if aliens just appeared and said that they came in peace, and was also going to give you technology and cures for many of our diseases. How would you react? Would be rejoiced? Or would you be skeptical...
  14. mattbgamer


    Is anybody going to watch this when it premieres this week? I plan on it, if you dont already know it is a remake of a mini-series/movies that came out in the 80's. If you haven't seen the commercial's it is basically about aliens that show up calling themsevles the 'Visitors', and claim to...
  15. mattbgamer

    PC version

    I looked and couldn't find any thread on this so here I go. Has anybody played this version of this epic game? I recently downloaded it and I have to say that I kind of like it better than the PS1 version. Mostly because the character models are noticeably smoother (you can actually see there...
  16. mattbgamer

    Why so slow o.O

    I am currently doing the chocobo racing side quest and I have noticed something odd. While leveling up my blue and green chocobo's I would totally kick ass. With the green one even more so, but with the blue one I had a few issues. In the short track there is that area where time slows down and...
  17. mattbgamer

    o.O Multiple?

    While leveling my characters up/doing the chocobo racing sidequest, my magics were leveling up at a really good pace. And something happened that for some reason hasn't happened to me before. I mastered one of my summons and it created a new one. Now I only thought that happened with attack...
  18. mattbgamer

    Sig and avyy request please and thank you

    I was wondering if somebody could make me a set. Using this picture. Just have the sig say Vivi Ornitier. Thanks a bunch!
  19. mattbgamer

    I was wondering if I could get a sig and avvy?

    I am looking to get a new set because I want to change my name as soon as possible to Adelbert Steiner. So this is the pic I would like to use for my set. The only thing I want it to say it Adelbert Steiner somewhere in the sig. Thanks a bunch!
  20. mattbgamer

    Could I get a sig and avvy please??

    Hey I was wondering if someone could make me a sig and avvy set out of this pic. If you cant use this image or want anymore just pm me, or just search for Cade Skywalker pics on google. I would prefer one with him and his lightsaber but its not a must. And I dont really care about the colors...