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  1. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Thanks to Dragonbyte-Tech!

    An absolutely huge thank you to the DragonByte Tech guys, Decado and Belazor. They've been invaluable. We're definitely in good hands now that we've moved to their server as well. Belazor, thanks for all the work with the new plugins and skin editing! They've also given us a bunch of free...
  2. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Server move/Downtime

    Sometime in the next few days - perhaps tonight, tomorrow, or the day after - the site will be changing servers. This will lead to downtime overnight. The forums will be disabled, and it may take time for the DNS to update. Note that the vbulletin will also be upgraded, which means the current...
  3. Lord Golbez

    Downtime early next week due to server move

    The forums will be going down for a few hours late next Monday or Tuesday evening. The site will be switching servers. The new server is a minor upgrade over the current one, though the difference will likely not be noticeable. There will likely be some hiccups early on after the transfer is...
  4. Lord Golbez

    New site layout courtesty of Mercurial

    Thanks to Mercurial (Hope Estheim), we have a new layout :) Check out the cool banner with the embedded navigation. If you have feedback, or notice any technical issues (for instance there may be some minor icon color clashes), post them here. A reminder - if any changes are made to fix icons...
  5. Lord Golbez

    BB Code for embedding added

    EDIT: GameTrailers is now defunct.
  6. Lord Golbez

    Site Ownership Change

    Members, Staff, and the whole Final Fantasy Community, I would like to take this time now to make a few announcements regarding the upcoming sudden changes that will be occurring here at the forums. This will be a surprise to all of you, staff and members alike as I have not shared information...
  7. Lord Golbez

    Username Changes in User CP

    The username change system is now automated. To change your username, go to User CP->Edit Email, Password & Username (you must re-enter your password to change your username). Members will be allowed to change their usernames once every 30 days. Once you change your username, the option will...
  8. Lord Golbez

    Upcoming Site Downtime

    The site will be experiencing downtime in the next few days for technical maintenance. Most likely late Tuesday evening 4/8, or early Wednesday morning 4/9. Downtime will likely last 20-45 minutes.
  9. Lord Golbez

    Greetings from the new admin

    Hello everyone! I'm your new admin, just bought the site from Lee. I see here that it was also sold earlier fairly recently, but don't worry, I'm going to keep it :) I just moved the site over to my server at LiquidWeb, if anything is slow let me know and I'll try to upgrade the RAM or...