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  1. Mister Goober

    SPOILERS To those who beat the game...

    That's how I am as well, but I naturally gravitate towards something in the end. I only change it up unless it's necessary. For Cloud, I rarely use his "Infinity's End" ability. I consider Triple Slash to be a better bang for your buck.
  2. Mister Goober

    SPOILERS To those who beat the game...

    What was your general strategy on key boss fights? I'm not saying list them all because they have lots of bosses in this game. But on memorable (to you at least) boss fights, how did you manage? I beat Normal mode. I'm currently doing Hard mode as I have it unlocked. Personally, at late game...
  3. Mister Goober

    Latest FF Purchase Thread

    Good for you!
  4. Mister Goober

    theory: Final Fantasy 1 is inspired by Gummi Bears Disney 1985 cartoon

    Blasphemy! You're wrong! The Final Fantasy franchise was inspired by the ambition of fully-realizing the extent of how beautiful women can truly become! Through the power of technology! Just take a look at Lulu. Perfection Personified. PP. Peepee. She certainly knows how to... arouse it.
  5. Mister Goober

    Help Dear friends, please help me become an expert in this game.

    Hello. I'm working on an FF-related side-project right now, but FF8 to me is a life-long commitment. However, I am not convinced that having several playthroughs of the same game will magically turn me into an FF8 expert over time. There has to be something else. I've beaten Omega Weapon...
  6. Mister Goober

    If you were a Loporrit what would your name be?

    ThirstyWay. Because I like Lulu... In a very special way.
  7. Mister Goober

    Get ready. It's coming.

    Let this thread be a constant reminder to all of you that I am currently (as of this post) working on a Final Fantasy Project. I will post a YouTube video of it before this year's (2022) Fall season. Who knows what it could be? Maybe a chocobo painting? Me cosplaying as Don Corneo? Me singing...
  8. Mister Goober

    If you can have a real-life weapon from the Final Fantasy games, which would it be and why?

    For me, it's the iron fists of all the pugilists in the series. Zell, Tifa, and Sabin. I just love combat sports, and since weaponized combat sports are not super popular, I just tend to glorify fist fighting, whether that's boxing or MMA.
  9. Mister Goober

    SPOILERS Do you think we will see a return to the medieval Final Fantasy games?

    Was gonna mention FF16 until you did. Yeah, I saw the trailer. Definitely looks medieval.
  10. Mister Goober

    Favourite FFXIV expansion

    I chose A Realm Reborn even though I enjoyed the expansions more. Seriously, I enjoyed Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker more than ARR. But ARR is still my favorite because it's the one phase of the game where the three Eorzean leaders mattered the most. And that's important...
  11. Mister Goober

    Screw this stupid series!!

    Plot twist. He's being sarcastic.
  12. Mister Goober

    SPOILERS A hero archetype that hasn't been tried yet?

    I wonder how 2B and Kratos's kids would be like...
  13. Mister Goober

    SPOILERS A hero archetype that hasn't been tried yet?

    Hey... So I've been thinking, in FF14 our character's title is the "Warrior of Light", and in all his or her adventures, he really does play the noble-adventurer-who-saves-the-needy type of character. You can't say the same with FF8's Squall who kinda gives off a future dictator vibe (Yes he...
  14. Mister Goober

    Your goal is to conquer the world. Who would you have on your team?

    I've never played 13 but calling someone a "savior" with the "right frame of mind" to conquer the world doesn't seem that fitting. lol Savior is kind of like Liberator in a sense, which is almost antithetical to Conqueror.
  15. Mister Goober

    [V2] Best Final Fantasy Game?

    I chose FFXIV not because of personal bias, but because it's making a ton of money for Square Enix right now. And at the end of the day, in order to be fully objective with these types of questions, we have to look at the numbers. Which made more money? Which has the highest approval rating...
  16. Mister Goober

    Worst FF Couple?

    It's good that Squall and Rinoa have a terrible relationship. They'll break up, and Rinoa... Rinoa will be mine. Hehehehehe... Hehe.
  17. Mister Goober

    Favourite monster design

    Iron Giant. Strong and indestructible. That's really all I have to say, and I believe it's all the reason I need to have it as a favorite.
  18. Mister Goober

    What's your Final Fantasy unpopular opinion?

    As characteristic of Square Enix, they made the Sphere Grid look awesome. It's a work of art. But I am with you on this one. And a lot of times, you are forced to move your character's spot on a sphere grid that does zero impact on your playstyle, but you have to do it anyway because you need to...
  19. Mister Goober

    Your goal is to conquer the world. Who would you have on your team?

    Your goal is to conquer the world. Who would you have on your team? Some rules... * Any significant character from a mainline Final Fantasy game is allowed. But no character from a spin-off. It has to be from a numbered Final Fantasy game. * You have to take into account the character's unique...