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  1. Noize

    Remember me?

    You all bloody well better have! Just kidding! well in any case, I'm back. :megusta2:
  2. Noize

    Welsh guy murders Ex for free breakfast

    A Welsh schoolboy has been found guilty of bashing his ex-girlfriend to death with a rock in exchange for a free breakfast from one of his friends. Joshua Davies, 16, lured Rebecca Aylward, 15, to an isolated forest and killed her after openly plotting to murder her with his friends, the Daily...
  3. Noize

    Tactics Advanced FFTA Help.

    So i'm playing FFTA after a long time, and i'm in a battle with one of the laws "Dmg2: Animal" with the Opposite being "Status". I casted "Count Sheep" (Induces Sleep and deal no damage) So it's classes as a status move, right? I also used my Alchemist to cast "Poison" and Both "Count Sheep" and...
  4. Noize

    Help "Medallions" in the Necrohol

    Haha... you all must be gettin sick of me asking bout everything but this has actually been bothering me for a while now. In the Necrohol of Narbudis, there are 3 magically sealed doors, in which you're meant to place some sort of medallions into them for the doors to open. Where do i...
  5. Noize

    Help Necrohol of Narbudis - The Vendor.

    Does anyone know where the Hidden vendor is in the Necrohol? I've scoured that place 5 times so far and haven't been able to locate him. (Even had to kill the rare spawn "Helvinek")
  6. Noize

    Help "Ultimate Weapons"

    Rightio, so i'm at the point where all i have left to do is finish off all the marks and off the final boss. i want to get the the Ultimate Weapons for each weapon class, but i have no idea where to start in terms of loot. Can someone throw me a guide or list what i need to do (perferable in...
  7. Noize

    Anime The world God Only Knows (TWGOK)

    Plot: Keima Katsuragi, a second-year high school student, is an avid bishōjo game player. He is known on the Internet as "The God of Conquests (落とし神 Otoshi-gami?)" for his legendary skills to be able to "conquer" any 2D girl in games. However, in his actual school life, Keima is known as...
  8. Noize

    Zidane and Kuja: Trance!

    So i'm up to Pandemonium, and i've just defeated Garland and Kuja. I've not noticed this till now (2nd playthrough), but Kuja looks so much better than Zidane in trance mode. It's like garland skimped out on Zidane.
  9. Noize

    Help "Friendly Yan"

    Where is he located? Vile Island? If so, is there an easier way to encountering him, OR an easier way to surviving battles with the regular enemies? Getting hit with Comet is really irritating me.
  10. Noize

    If you listened to this song.....

    You are going to hell, according to this stupid fool. :mokken:
  11. Noize

    Sephiroth vs Kefka vs The Mysterious Girl (FFIV: The after years)

    So? which do you would win in a 3 way showdown? From what i've heard, Mysterious Girl is pretty badass, i mean enslaving planets and can cast meteor spells with ease. I don't know a terrible lot bout her but it seems like she's accomplished alot more and is better in battle than the clown and...
  12. Noize

    Help Choco Hot & Cold

    As you're all well aware, there's a sub-quest involving the Chocobo Forests and digging for treasure (Like after you've completed the VIII chocobo mini-game), except you only go for 1 minute. Anyways to my point, I have currently found 1 Chocograph. is it possible to find all 23 chocographs at...
  13. Noize

    Help Sagittarius Stellazio Coin.

    Ok so after starting a new game, i made my way to Lindblum to get the Sagittarius coin. every site i go to tells me it's in that little alcove left of the Pickles saleslady in the business district, but when i go looking there isn't anything there, and i know there's suppose to me an " ! " icon...
  14. Noize

    Policeman facing charges for body slam arrest

    Police officer Patrick Larrison has been placed on administrative leave this week after video of the arrest on January 25 in Phoenix, Arizona was posted on YouTube and seen by another officer. Investigators are carrying out both an internal and criminal investigation on Larrison, who has worked...
  15. Noize

    Anime Moe~

    As some of you may know, there are several cliched catagories that are associated with being "moe". What kind of character do you consider "moe" the most to your liking? I personally like Nekomimi, "seito kaichou" and Tsundere look. women who cosplay as furries are just so cute! And the while...
  16. Noize

    The SB.

    Every now and then, the Sb would throw up my previous shout in the text box, followed by a message saying "Invalid response from server". What's that about? I can't do screenshots, either... so i cant take a pic and show you personally.
  17. Noize

    Tonberry and GF laziness?

    OK, so you've just rocked up to Centra Ruins, and obtained Odin, oh, but wait! you find out you have to also kill 20 Tomberries, in order to summon the King Tonberry to obtian him as a GF. You go outside, save then go back in. You run inside, and you get into a battle. Do you utilize the boost...
  18. Noize

    Help Card Club King

    I've defeated every member of the CC group except Joker (The dude who appears randomly in the training center and has Leviathan Card.) I talked to Xu and Nida, then went to Dr Kadowski who all tell you bout the King. I told my party i wanted to be alone then rested but she still hasn't shown...
  19. Noize

    Help Draw Success Rate

    Is there any way to boost it? Everytime i play this game Selphie always end up so terribly fail at successfully drawing spells, while Squall and my second party member (usually Zell or, Rinoa pr Quistis) have no trouble at all, although they do draw less quantity of said spell.
  20. Noize

    Gay caveman?

    Ok so these Archeologists found the remains of a 5000 year old male Caveman, but due to the positioning of the skeleton, and the objects around him, they assume he's gay. Source...