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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    I'm back! Ready and waiting.
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Right! My mother has booked a last minute holiday. So, er. I'll be back on the 25th. Take care, auto Euon as required. I apologise for this but I wasn't prepared either.
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Yaaay! XD Well then. I think I know which way Euon is going out of the choices his personality is giving me. This should be fun.
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    XBox [360] FFF Achievement Leaderboard

    Sign me up, please~!
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    Playstation SEN ID Thread [V3]

    SEN/PSN: AdamProject
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    Playstation [SEN] FFF Trophy Leaderboards

    Sign me on up!
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    I finally caught up with Team B as directed, though I have no idea how Euon is going to like... help against that metallic mass.
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    [RP] Project Destrillians - The Uprising

    It had been an interesting observation of events for Euon to conduct. Ever creeping in the shadows, ever watching. His long run through their collective crypt had eventually lead to other opened tombs, signs of siblings older and perhaps younger having long since fled. A curiously cut off...
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    Next FFF Mascot

    Moomba! I love those little things. Arguably with PuPu the most underrated FF creatures xD
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    PC Steam ID Thread

    Hello, hello~! I apologise for the late update. Real life does sneak up on oneself when it comes to new jobs and results! Regardless, thread updated and I require the following amendments preferably in a URL link to your respective profiles through post or PM! Jill Valentine Steve-O Thank you...
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Thank you kindly, I will join after as directed. It somewhat works for Euon too, thank you!
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    if you were a flan

    ...Yay random thread? xD Ah well. I like water so I'm a blue flan, I guess? But bugger it, I'm a Flan Princess like the Crossdresser in my Heart or something.
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    Do you build walls?

    Not really going to jump on the bandwagon of personal stories here, just not sitting quite tidy for it exactly but I recognise I do build various walls through various methods and means. All I can particularly elaborate on is that I myself am currently going into counselling / therapy as soon as...
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    If you'll take me back, I'm through the worst of the mess! ^^ I've read up to date here in the Discussion and for sake of sanity, plot and perspective I'm reading over the entire RP thread again. If all is well I'd like to hook onto the next post order and not the present one to be quite sure I...
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    I'm sorry, I keep trying to make a full post, I do! This eye infection is getting the better of me, please do auto Euon along with whatever group you find appropriate and with the antibiotics and eye drops I should be fine within the week. I would be able to post I imagine if it were not both...
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    FF XIV Server Selection Thread

    Woohoo, Leviathan xD Sounds like a plan. Here's hoping my connection doesn't freak too hard.
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Posted roughly four hours prior to your message~ Just an FYI.
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    [RP] Project Destrillians - The Uprising

    Pacing through the corridors it was apparent that the security breach in this facility was indeed not in full swing. Trained to a degree for covert functions, Euon concluded the best course of action would perhaps for the time being to not indeed meet up with other Destrillians but to secure and...
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Hey! Don't you trash that D= We can be similar! Of course, do what you know will make you happiest and most comfortable with in the long run but nobody has an issue with it!
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    I put tenth? My bad! I'll go correct that now.