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    Karu L. Pop

    ORPG/RPB Name – Karu L. Pop Alignment – Chaotic Good Race – Elemental (Commonly appear outwardly as youthful, pale skinned humans with unusual aesthetics) Gender – Male Age – 27 Appearance – A 5'9, fair skinned male with the appearance of a human in their early twenties, built...
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    PC Steam ID Thread

    Hello! This is a collection of known Steam IDs within the forum. I found it a touch unusual that perhaps one of these threads didn't exist so I took it upon myself to establish one. I apologise to users of Origin and other online services but it simply appears appropriate to select a more...
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    Hello, hello~

    Hello, as you can see I'm new around here. As my profile states I'm a late-teens male from NW England just jacking back into the FF community. It has been some number of years since my last stint of service in a community such as this, being a member of Square Central as early as when it was...