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  1. Gemini

    render request

    could i get this rendered please
  2. Gemini


    my request will be oh so simple id like a fooly cooly sig with haruko in it size doesnt matter text FL CL that about sums up my request :D
  3. Gemini

    ff periodic table

  4. Gemini

    snows arm

    whats up with this ........
  5. Gemini

    summons so far

    Ifrit, Shiva, siren and Carbuncle these are the only confirmed summons in case you did not know or you were just wondering hopefully there will be more in the future and the summons dont stink like in ff12 adios :D
  6. Gemini

    ff13 battle system

    from what i read at the ff13 battle system will be active time system that was used in ff12 edit 1-29-09 sry its a CTB (Count Time Battle System). lol sorry hehe ;( umm didnt read all the way got distracted plz forgive smooth like motion...
  7. Gemini

    an edit of aerith that i did on

    its my sig check it out tell me what you think its nothing much though lol just a little sharpness little saturation and black and white with added text
  8. Gemini

    i go a 360 for christmas

    I got a 360 despite having a ps3 already but i would apperciate it if any one cares to post their tag and ill make an account asap then add you and challange you could do the same if you have a ps3 c ya round guys
  9. Gemini

    Jenova Gfx

    I would like a Jenova GFx hehehe i would like it to be erie and purpleish like jenova and add your own flair to it no text neccesary
  10. Gemini

    how to access FFF rpg?

    every time i go to it it says error um is it only for specific people??
  11. Gemini

    Playstation Remember Chrono Cross

    the story about Serge a seventeen year old boy with blue hair who lives in the fishing village of Arni. One day, he slips into an alternate world in which he drowned ten years before. Determined to find the truth behind the incident, he follows a predestined course that leads him to save the...
  12. Gemini

    Playstation PS3 Armored core for answer

    ive beeaten the collard and Orca missions but how do i get the last ending i also have 40/ 42 missions complete
  13. Gemini

    Guess what game this is from

    Yet to return, the shadowed one. Who quests for the Twilight Dragon Rumbles the Dark Hearth, And Helba, Queen of the Dark, has finally raised her army. Apeiron, King of Light beckons. At the base of the rainbow they meet Against the abominable Wave, together they fight. Alba's lake boils...
  14. Gemini

    Try to solve the Riddle

    try to figure this out post you answers I turn polar bears white And I will make you cry. I make guys have to pee And girls comb their hair. I make celebrities look stupid And normal people look like celebrities. I turn pancakes brown And make your champagne bubble. If you squeeze me...
  15. Gemini


    wasn't he very annoying to you with his stupid marraige purposal and gay semmingly hard fights plz do tell your opinion
  16. Gemini

    if there was a ff12 mmo archadia vs dalmascan rebels

    who would you side with? i'm stuck between the chance to be a judge and a grand hero in the new empire led by Ashe
  17. Gemini

    Your favorite scene

    my favorites are kinda tied between when sin destroys zanarkand and the scene with tidus and yuna in macialana forest after fleening bevelle
  18. Gemini

    i guess i should introduce myself

    HELLO im The_End owner a ps3 and a junior in high school pleased to meet you all !
  19. Gemini

    what your favorite esper fight

    my fav is the fight of ultima with the beautiful great crystal and the constant status effects from hp drain to mp drain to no magicks to no attacks , no techniques It was really a challenge and i look forward to fighting zodiark
  20. Gemini

    a sig

    could some one make a signature of Judge Gabranth and Weiss with the word THE_END on it if so email much obliged