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  1. Morrigan

    An attempt was made

    I got inspired by talking to a few other people yesterday and after like 9-10 years I made an attempt to create something of the gfx kind. Behold my creation: v1 v2 I am re-discovering GIMP and features I'd forgotten about, I even made my own brushes. My conclusion: I have mixed feelings...
  2. Morrigan

    Serious So why the rush?

    It is relationship-related of course,XD... Anyway,I will try to be brief but I am gonna have to tell it all from the very beginning. About a month ago...I was to go to an anime/cosplay party(I am also an anime fan).I found out about this party from the anime forum.So I wanted to go but had no...
  3. Morrigan

    Cloud's personality

    ***SPOILER Alert*** For those who have played and finished the game I have some questions to ask. Well,now that I've re-started playing the game I've noticed that Cloud isn't Cloud.Meaning,at times you get to hear his subconcious,if I'm not wrong,the real Cloud who is still hiding in the real...
  4. Morrigan


    Would it have been better if the game was left as it was?Sure the spin-offs offer more story and insight to certain characters but didn't it kinda had some kind of impact on how the fans now view the original game? If you could would you erase any game of the spin-offs?If yes,which one? Where do...
  5. Morrigan

    Do you ever forget a character?

    So I was wondering if this happens to others as well,but have you ever ignored/forgotten a character from this game for one reason or another? I actually have and it's Amarant.I just never thouht he contributed to the plot(except if I'm missing something) and always seemed so out of place.Had...
  6. Morrigan

    Inspirations from FF games?

    Did any of those all those Final Fantasy games inspired you in any way?Like change yourself or take up anything? Why and how did it inspire you?
  7. Morrigan

    About Cloud

    Do you think that he lost his fanboys after all the spin-offs? Now we have more Vincent fans and for sure Zack fans as well.Do you think Cloud is losing his fans?And for what other reasons?
  8. Morrigan

    Did this ever disappoint you?

    I know that FFVII is a wonderful game but did it ever let you down as in you had higher expectation?Not what moment made you sad,but if ever made you feel that it could be better than it already is.
  9. Morrigan

    What was it missing?

    This game usually has mixed views.What do you think was it missing that it didn't make a very big success?Was it the time when it was released or something from the game was missing? Would appreciate it if you gave an explanation rather than a quick answer.
  10. Morrigan

    Anime Anime in your life

    Has anime influnced you in any way?Has your way of thinking changed from before in any way?Do you regret for watching anime thinking that it was a waste of time after all?And how do the people around you think about it(family,friends etc.)? -Please don't answer in one-liners.If you read my...
  11. Morrigan

    Willing Melody

    After having discussed it in Tifa's Club,I decided to dedicate a club to Garnet til Alexandros. She can be very friendly and caring,having also a strong will to fight on her own,although at times she can be quite stubborn. Anybody who feels like showing some love to this Princess trying her best...
  12. Morrigan

    Anime Anime figurines

    So I'm intending on buying one of those anime figurines/statues,but don't know which is the best place to buy.I'll most likely buy one from Ebay but I don't know what I should watch out for.I mean I'm looking for not a very expensive one but still good quality and I don't know how to avoid being...
  13. Morrigan

    Anime Bad anime endings

    Which animes(that have probably ended) have had a bad ending for you and please explain why you believe so.
  14. Morrigan

    Anime Things you hate in Anime

    There must be something you hate in most animes,that it's so common nowdays you have gotten tired of it. For example,in harem animes,all the girls are chasing the main character just like that when he can be such a perv etc.,but the girls act like it's a competition and whoever wins him is also...
  15. Morrigan

    What else would you like to see in it?

    As we all know AC was very short and for those who watched without having ever played the game(me for example) and didn't get what the story was about.Also many complain about the few things it contained for the original story. What would you like to have seen in the movie that it was in the...
  16. Morrigan

    Manga Recommendation

    Since we have an anime recommendation thread already why not make a manga recommendation thread too. There are many who prefer manga over anime so why not have a thread about mangas. Feel free to recommend any manga but I'd Like you to explain the reason you recommend it to the others not just...
  17. Morrigan

    What does Christmas mean to you?

    What crosses your mind everytime you think of Christmas or hear that word? With what is it related in your opinion?Presents,cake,money,games,family etc.
  18. Morrigan

    Anime Women and Japan

    I've noticed that in many animes women are used as objects of sex in order to sell and only there,video games too,not to mention how popular is Jap porn and hentai.I haven't really lived in Japan and don't know if in the every day life women are thought that way(schoolgirls too since in Japan...
  19. Morrigan

    Is something wrong with me?

    I'm beginning to make really long posts.What happened to me?:confused:I'm ashamed of myself.:sorry: Sometime ago I couldn't force myself to write more than two lines,not to say two sentences.<-----(see what I mean now)
  20. Morrigan


    Not mine,but I bet there's somebody who's looking forward to confess(or not?)