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  1. Lord Golbez

    [Birthweek 2017] The FFF Yearbook 2017

    Pen color: Black Message: Grateful for a great staff From: Lord Golbez
  2. Lord Golbez

    Staff Promotion Admin Promotion Dionysos

    Best of luck!! Also forever grateful to Mits. She's the site MVP. So awesome to work with, a terrific team leader.
  3. Lord Golbez

    Article: FFVII Remake Confirmed (Coming first to PS4, more to come in winter)

    Perhaps instead of retconning Zack's importance, they are retconning the uniqueness of the Buster Sword. And it's just another weapon, explaining why it has a toy. Also, it could just be a trailer fan service thing and the toy sword wasn't intended to signify anything at all.
  4. Lord Golbez

    Final Fantasy Genesis: Feedback

    I definitely agree with Kirito that you're getting ahead of yourself, especially with this "first in a series" stuff. I suggest you start slow and see if it catches any momentum. As for the staff position you requested - as I said, you wouldn't have any moderation abilities, so why would this...
  5. Lord Golbez

    Final Fantasy Forums Is Now Running vBulletin 4.1.12!

    Big thanks to Fillip for handling the update! :) Nice job by the DBTech guys.
  6. Lord Golbez

    Happy Holidays!

    A very Happy New Year to everyone on the site! Hope everybody has a great 2012 :)
  7. Lord Golbez

    The Pre-Set Avatars...

    I've re-uploaded the avatars images. However avatars are supposed to be stored in the database, not the file I'm not really sure if this will lead to bugs or not. I'll contact Belazor about it.
  8. Lord Golbez

    3.6 to 3.8 Bugs

    How are vbactivity stats calculated? Because Amizon's seem...peculiar! :confused: Also been getting a few database errors here and there, anybody getting these? Haven't been getting the emails for them though.
  9. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Thanks to Dragonbyte-Tech!

    An absolutely huge thank you to the DragonByte Tech guys, Decado and Belazor. They've been invaluable. We're definitely in good hands now that we've moved to their server as well. Belazor, thanks for all the work with the new plugins and skin editing! They've also given us a bunch of free...
  10. Lord Golbez

    3.6 to 3.8 Bugs

    Did you try 'ipconfig /flushdns' from command prompt? If it works for IE though this sounds like it might be a browser caching issue.
  11. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Server move/Downtime

    Site downtime just now was caused by high load, probably the shoutbox. I messed around with some settings and made the auto-refresh rate slower. Belazor, any settings suggestions for optimizing the shoutbox? I created a redirect so index.html so act like index.php now. That folder didn't...
  12. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Server move/Downtime

    Hmm, in settings I see how you can edit the default top X number, but I don't see anything about it being expdandable. To DBtech - is that possible?
  13. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Server move/Downtime

    Looks like human verification was disabled! I've enabled recaptcha, so that should be better now. If people have issues registering let me know.
  14. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Server move/Downtime

    The DB move has been completed. Over the next couple weeks, please let me know how the speed of the site is. If it's still slow then I'll move servers again, but that move should be pretty easy since there would be no upgrade involved. He was saying it told him he did not have access to the...
  15. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Server move/Downtime

    CW wasn't able to access the Forumonadmin panel until I added him as an admin, even though the RPG Director group was set with Forumon Manager permissions. Is there a way to have RPG Directors get access to the Forumonadmin without making them admins?
  16. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Server move/Downtime

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try exporting without those tables later using --ignore-table=. The hook being called on 1091 is from Global Initialisation #2 from vbshout. For the forumonadmin.php panel, does one have to be an admin in addition to being Forumon manager in order to view it...
  17. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Server move/Downtime

    This probably has to do with the nameserver issues, which have improved but I think there's still some configuration error somewhere. You can tell them to try opening DOS command prompt and typing 'ipconfig /flushdns', that might help (or not).
  18. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Server move/Downtime

    The ban list is here now (different plugin than before, since the old one wasn't for 3.8): Viewable by staff only. I gave CW my login for the forums, if that's acceptable. Well the issue is that when I try to restore the mysqldump (e.g. via...
  19. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Server move/Downtime

    Thanks to Alyss for reporting. So that others know: I added an image resizer plugin (vb Options>Quick Auto Image-Resize for the admins, default max width is 400px). The breaking of the user profile for the custom skins probably has to do with the 3.8 upgrade, it must have changed/deleted some...
  20. Lord Golbez

    Announcements Server move/Downtime

    To everyone - the Triple Triad and Forumon links can be found on your navbars (by your User CP/Quick Links). The Forumon currently isn't working however. Alyss, Strange that you say teh SB disappears for you when logged on, but appears when logged off. Perhaps DBTech will know what's going on...