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    dra600n's leveling guide to make the ultimate character / level up tricks / game glitches

    My love for FF6 is past the obsessed range, so with that, I'll share my knowledge with those who love this game, or will be starting with it. First, and foremost, the Gau/Relm glitch only works on the SNES release, and only version 1.0. 1.1 and later versions and remakes have this glitch...
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    My Final Fantasy Collection Pics

    I haven't done this in a while (I did this about a year or 2 back for another forum I'm a member of), and while it's not displayed like it used to be (these are just laid out on my kitchen table, and it was a nightmare fighting off 2 cats who get into everything haha), I figured I'd show you all...
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    I hate being the new guy... again haha

    Hey all! I hate being the new guy on forums, but it's inevitable if you want to join a community :P I'll just give some quick specifics about myself: Favorite FF game: Tie between 3j and 6 (3j on the NES, not the DS remake) I hate portable gaming. Give me a big screen to play games on. I've...